Marketing your legal practice or accounting firm has changed a lot since the digital space took over.  We are in a new world where people don’t read much in their search to find answers to their problems.  This is where being found in search converts leads and how evergreen video marketing content, like thought leadership videos, legal marketing videos, and video for accounting firms, boosts SEO for legal and accounting firms.

While the principles of building relationships with prospective clients has not changed, the start of the relationship has with “approx. 96% of people seeking legal advice begin their search online.” (TheBoostApps).  Which means that in today’s information-rich digital world, before someone is ready to contact a lawyer or an accountant (even when they get a referral), they go searching about their problem and the people / firms that can help them with that problem.

And when prospective clients go searching, they want to quickly get insights on their problems, what the firm is about, and get a trusting feeling that the partner can help them with their issue.  And that’s where legal marketing videos and video for accounting firms plays a MAJOR role in converting that website visitor into a prospective client.  The net net is that website visitors would rather to first watch video marketing content to get information and they are more likely to watch videos than they are to read.

And these videos should be of the partners at each firm, as it is the skill sets, expertise and professionalism of the each firm’s partners that drive new client acquisition.  Thus legal marketing and accounting marketing teams should be pushing their partners to get in front of the camera.  Because at the end of the day, it is the partners who are driving the business opportunities of their firms off line (and online should mimic offline). It’s their skill sets, their personality, their expertise and everything they do to build trust and credibility with clients to get new client engagements that will clearly show thru on video.

What other marketing medium is better than video marketing content to get a partner’s skill sets and personality out in front of people on a very wide basis? 

Legal marketing videos and video for accounting firms allow marketing teams to have digital assets that can be repurposed in multiple channels.  These channels include;

  • on website practice area and industry pages
  • supplementing blog posts
  • on bio pages
  • included in email marketing client alerts, newsletters and such
  • social media platforms
  • provide to news outlets to get PR opportunities

Moreover, when these are evergreen videos, these videos will last for 3 to 5 years.  What other marketing investment can you make that will last that long and allows potential clients to get to know your partners before they pick up the phone?

Thought leadership videos are a wise investment

Most legal and accounting firms leverage thought leadership as a means for driving new business opportunities, producing thought leadership videos makes a wise investment choice.  Prior to developing a series of thought leadership videos, it’s important to understand what your audience is searching for and then create thought leadership videos that are informative and focused on specific questions asked by your potential clients. Whatever the topic is, tailor your legal marketing videos and video for accounting firms for the types of informational/educational searches that people are doing.

Developing video marketing content around your clients’ biggest pain points will help them better understand what steps they need to take to solve their problems. This will not only provide value, credibility, and authority for your target audience, but it will also help your clients build confidence in your partners, your firm and trust their guidance, allowing you to establish a relationship with clients.

Keep SEO in Mind When Making Videos

You are probably familiar with keyword research for a written copy on your website.  The same keyword research techniques can also be used to design your video marketing content. So, when making legal marketing videos or video for accounting firms, be sure to incorporate a few words and phrases that potential clients may be searching for.

“Law firms that already use video see a jump in traffic to their site. And not just by measly single digits either. Law firms with video incorporated into their websites see a 41% INCREASE IN POTENTIAL CLIENTS visiting their site.” (NivanContent)

The more quality information produced to inform, help, and bring value for your viewers, the more organic search visibility your video and website will gain. You will improve your search engine ranking by creating better engagement with clients through video marketing. “According to the 2018 State of Inbound report, 45% of marketers are investing more in YouTube over the course of this year — more than any other marketing channel available to them.” (

Legal marketing videos and video for accounting firms rank high on search because they give people information quickly…and that is what search engines provide to their customers.  Moreover, legal marketing videos and video for accounting firms are more powerful than text as potential clients can see, hear and experience the partner while getting the answers they are seeking.  Thus, the prospective client gets a better idea of what their practice does as well as measure their expertise and make better-informed decisions.

Legal and accounting topics are often complex and are sometimes better explained in a video so prospects can listen and re-listen to the parts they might not understand at first. Therefore, it’s important to have high-quality videos that are easy for potential clients to understand and comprehend.

To make your content “high-quality,” start with a question, problem or objective that your prospective clients are concerned about.  Give succinct information without rambling.  If you have more to say on a topic aim to break it up into two smaller videos of 1-2 minutes each.  This will give you more content and people will watch more of your videos vs possibly not finding the information they are looking for in a long video.

In addition to thought leadership videos, here are some other types of legal marketing videos and video for accounting firms that you might consider.

Corporate Overview Videos – Corporate overview videos showcase the firm’s high-level vision, mission, and services.

Client Testimonial Videos – Your new potential clients want to know how your service can (and will) solve their specific problem. One of the best ways to prove this is by having testimonials from previous and current clients who are satisfied with how you and your firm handled their case.

Practice Area / Industry Videos  – This type of video marketing content is used to help your audience better understand your practice area and why they need your services. It also focuses on your knowledge and expertise in your industry.

Event Videos – Is your firm hosting a conference, round table discussion, trade show, fundraiser, or another type of event? If so, take videos to showcase interesting presentations from the event and put it on your website to drive viewers.

Don’t Forget to Have a Call to Action in Your Video Marketing Content

After creating an educational/informational video, don’t assume that the viewer knows what to do next. Always give a call to action to help viewers take the next logical step. For example, at the end of your video, provide a number or email address to make it easy to contact your firm for additional information and assistance.

If you are looking for a video production company to help put together your online business video, the professionals at MultiVision Digital have many years of experience in working with both law firms and accounting firms.  Give us a call today so we can get started on crafting an innovative and interesting online business video for your company (646) 319-8609.

We’ll see you in front of the camera!