Thought leadership video for legal video marketing and accounting video marketing is all about showcasing partner’s expertise, skill sets and personality.  These are the core attributes that build the know, like and trust factor that attorneys and accountants need to build to drive business…but legal and marketing teams, you know this already.

When you add thought leadership videos and get your partners in front of the camera, you have the people that are actually driving the business opportunities of their firms speaking to clients and prospective clients.

video production

Legal video marketing and accounting video marketing are all about making sure people experience their partner’s skill sets, personality, and bedside manner.  This builds trust and credibility with clients to get new casework.

So what other marketing medium is going to allow you to get those partners out in front of people on a very wide basis?

What video allows you to do is have digital assets that you can use in multiple channels

  • in blogs
  • in your email campaigns and client alerts
  • on your website
  • on bio pages
  • social media
  • industry pages

…and these evergreen thought leadership videos will last for three, four or five years.

What other marketing investment can you make that will last that long and allows potential clients to get to know partners before they pick up the phone?  Even when a client is getting closer to signing with you, chances are they’re going back to your website and a partner’s bio page, to check them out.

next step

Looking to do your 1st video or your 50th, we are here to help guide you.  With over 1,200 business videos produced, we work legal marketing and accounting marketing departments to ensure their partners look as great on camera as they do in person. 

Ask us out our REMOTE VIDEO CAPTURE service that allows you to get thought leadership video in a remote and safe way.

Fill out a form and contact us today to talk about your ideas for thought leadership video marketing.

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