“We have noticed that more and more people, even though they may be referred, go to the Internet to look for information.” Proclaims Amedeo Luongo, Sr. Partner at CPA firm Mendonca Partners LLP in New Jersey. With hyper-connected consumers in a hyper-competitive marketplace, it is essential that accounting firms quickly build trust and make personal connections. This allows them to win over referrals. One of THE best ways accounting firms can ensure a high referral conversion rate is by using a professional website video production. Afterwards, they should also establish an online video marketing strategy for best results. Accountants and website video communications will be the future.

Online Video Marketing – The Future for Accountants and Website Video Communications

If your business doesn’t think that online video marketing is the future…think again. Industries like accounting and law firms, that have traditionally driven their revenue with face-to-face relationships, are starting to use website video content marketing to drive new business opportunities.

Video can’t quite replace face-to-face interactions. However, it can help in building relationships and trust even before those all-important first meetings with potential clients. Berdon LLP, a CPA firm in New York City, reason for corporate online video production was based on an ever increasing number of clients doing more research way before reaching out to them. “People assume that with a firm of our size, we have the brainpower. But [our clients] need the confidence of seeing the people that are actually doing the work. “By using video we are establishing rapport and business relationships even before they meet with us,” States Jim Termniello, marketing manager at Berdon LLP.