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Training Videos

Save time, money, and resources by creating eLearning training videos. Having a library of professional training videos will increase productivity and efficiency at your organization. 

Training videos keep new employees fully engaged to learn the information they need during the onboarding process.  And follow up videos for training will keep employees up to date in an easy and cost-effective manner. 

Here are some of our past video production projects that included training video services.

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An HR Daily Advisor research report noted that the average employee forgets 65% of the material covered in a typical training session within just 7 days.  Therefore, a well-presented and concise library of eLearning training videos can increase information retention and decrease company liability in an easy self-paced learning method that employees love.  Having a library of eLearning videos for training is a more effective way than reading lengthy manuals.

MultiVision Digital has years of experience in taking your paper or classroom-based training material and turning them into a series of eLearning training videos to start or add to your library of training videos.

We will assist your training team to plan and record all the content so nothing will be missed and all of the important information will be emphasized in a more visually appealing way to boost memory retention.

eLearning training videos will ultimately reduce your corporate liability and save you time, money, and energy – as training videos can be watched by thousands of employees over years to come.

Looking for a unique and inexpensive method to make your project stand out?  Whatever you may need, our team of skilled professionals is up to the task.

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