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Social Media Videos

Gain more exposure and brand awareness by producing social media videos.

Now is the time to elevate engagement on your social media channels by producing social media video content! All major social media platforms are giving an extra boost to social media videos compared to other types of content. WHY? Because social media platforms know that people LOVE to watch videos, YouTube statistics show that 70% of viewers bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube. That's a clear representation that social media videos keep people engaged, generate more page traffic, and can drive sales and marketing conversions.

Here are some of our past video production projects that included social media video services.

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Videos for social media serve as a great sales and marketing tool for your business and a fun way to showcase your brand, your product, your people, or other interesting things about your business. They don’t have to be complicated, hard to produce, or expensive… In fact, the most straightforward and genuine ideas are the most effective videos for social media.

A survey from Sproutsocial shows that “54% of marketers say that social media videos are the most valuable content type for achieving social media marketing goals.” Thus creating a solid social media video strategy, which will lead to a library of social media videos, can help your clients understand more about your business. While you do this you will gain exposure and engagement by your fans in an interesting and easy way for them to explore what you offer.

A sound social media video strategy means that you will have to plan for a way to create an ongoing flow of videos for social media videos…so give us a call or head over to our Contact Us page. Once you get your social media video strategy in place you can start to cost-effectively plan for creating videos for social media that inform, educates, and entertains your audience towards an ongoing flow of sales.

Looking for a unique and inexpensive method to make your project stand out?  Whatever you may need, our team of skilled professionals is up to the task.

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Main Cost Factors to a Business Video

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The impact video has in driving everyday sales and marketing results is unmatched, which makes it easy to understand why business video communications have been gaining momentum.

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