As one of the top video marketing companies in NYC, we have seen how corporate video production services and video marketing services have been catching on in a big way. Today’s savvy consumers expect highly engaging video editing services and meaningful interactions. They demand ease of use, speed, efficiency, and enjoyment. And that is what online video marketing gives them.

The reason why online video marketing gives this to them is simple… video is unique in its ability to attract, captivate and engage. Just like 10 years ago when just having a website was the norm…video will soon be the norm. So, if your business is looking for ways to maximize your marketing investment then corporate video production services need to be included in your budget!

So where are you in the adoption of corporate video production services? Over the years, there have been many companies that have started with video and many that still have yet to realize video’s power in driving action and engagement in the marketing funnel and sales funnel.

As recognized as one of the top video marketing companies in NYC, we have come to realize that clients typically fall into one of the three following categories –

PERSONA 1 – Getting started with corporate video production services

You’ve seen your peers start using corporate video production services and now you need to start using them to your advantage. There are so many online video marketing projects that a company can, and must, create to be competitive in today’s market. For example, there are videos for YouTube advertising, marketing videos, videos for product releases, case study videos, industry-targeted videos, videos that provide sales support, videos that drive SEO ranking, videos for email nurturing, social media videos, recruiting videos, and more.

If this is you, you have not quite realized the value of long-term corporate video production services, and video editing services, and need some help getting started. Some of the things you are concerned with might include:

PERSONA 2 – Have done a few videos and want to invest more in video marketing services and video editing services

If this is you, then you have done one or a few online video marketing projects, or have used some video editing services, and have seen video move the needle on your sales and marketing objectives. You also realize there are so many different kinds of online video marketing projects that a company can do you want to create a library of video assets that will give you a return on investment for many years to come.

You feel that with a video marketing services company at your side you will be assured to have high quality and value. To achieve a high ROI, it all starts with your business objectives –

PERSONA 3 – You know online video marketing works and want to build a video strategy

You have seen the ROI from video marketing services and know that it is a powerful tactic in your marketing communications plan but don’t really have a planned video marketing strategy in place….and you need to have one to be successful in your long term business goal.

You have experienced that managing video content is a bit more challenging than other forms of content and need an experienced corporate video production services company to support you.

A sound online video marketing strategy means that you have a planned, thoughtful, and integrated video content roadmap and a plan for managing all the workflows, and cultural shift, that goes along with distributing all that video content.

PERSONA 4 – Agency or Marketing Service Company

If you’re an agency or marketing services company then you have seen some of your clients use video marketing services and video editing services but without it being thoughtfully integrated into your marketing tactics. Thus you need a trusted, value-based web video production services company you can rely on.

Because you are in digital marketing, SEO, website design, or an advertising agency, you know that digital video production supports the business objectives that you are working on for your clients. So having the right corporate video production services company that integrates into your current tactics will drive the ROI you are aiming for.

MultiVision Digital has become one of the top video marketing companies in NYC because we have consistently created rich experiences for our clients. Since our inception our video marketing services have produced hundreds of business video production projects that span every business objective there is.

video marketing content

Commercial corporate video production starts with an exercise in interactive marketing communications and combines it with best-of-breed digital video production services – that includes business video strategy, digital video production, video editing services, and video marketing services.

So regardless of which persona category you fall into, MultiVision Digital gives you a full set of turn-key web video production services, from goal setting, content development, budgeting, shoot digital video production, and video editing services.

So if you’re looking for one of the top video marketing companies in NYC to help guide your organization with either getting started, upping your game, or developing a planned and thoughtful strategy give us a call and let’s have a conversation.

See you in front of the camera!