Of course your business has a website, right?   Of course you use email marketing in your business.  I bet you even buy stuff online.  Well, years ago you didn’t do those things, but today, they are all common business practice.
Common practice is where business video production services are going to be in three to five years.  Just as business video marketing has evolved, our services at MultiVision Digital have also evolved. Today, our full suite of services encompass video strategy, video production, and video marketing.]

The business video strategy component is everything that you need to align your business video production services with your business objectives.  This means that you will need to create different kinds of video marketing content goes hand and hand with the business objectives that you are working on.   Business objectives range the gambit of branding, content marketing, lead generation, sales support and so much more. That’s a lot of video marketing content that you could produce.  The business video strategy part answers the question of “How does business video marketing content plug itself into those objectives.”
Video Strategy Process
The video production component is a full turn-key suite of professional video production services.  Quality business video production means more than just having a bunch of cameras and equipment.  It is the team of experienced professionals that know how to use them AND have the appropriate allocation of equipment for the specific video project that allows you to reach your business objective.  MultiVision Digital gives you everything you need from the business video production services skills, to the marketing skills, to post-production editing and motion graphics, to get you all the video marketing content you need for your business goals.
Coupling the business video strategy with a planned approach to professional video production services allows you to be cost effective in making sure that your budget dollars go as far as they can to create the content that you need.
The final component of professional business video production services is the distribution, or video marketing services.  MultiVision Digital’s video marketing services starts with a Video 1st Strategy to make sure we give you back the most amount of video marketing content to support your content marketing needs.  Then our video marketing services will help your company create the cultural shift and create a workflow that is needed to handle an ongoing flow of video marketing content.  This cultural shift is a driving force for a long-term success of a business video strategy.   This means that your marketing communication teams are able to align all the different types of business video marketing content with web teams, social media teams, email marketing, and SEO teams, to make sure that that video content gets through those specific channels to get a return on investment.
So there you have it!  The adoption of professional business video production services today is just getting started, but in three to five years, everybody’s going to be doing it.  So why not start now to get a competitive advantage?  Like we say here at MultiVisionDigital, a year from now, you’ll be glad you got started today.
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We’ll be seeing you in front of the camera.