If you are a small business and looking to do small business video, then you should get started today! There is no other digital marketing tool that gives you what video does. Video allows you to always be in front of somebody “in person” when they are looking for you. There is an immense amount of researching going on via the Internet. What a business video can do is give that company the opportunity to receive that web traffic.

So especially if you are small, you need the efficiency of what video can give you. Moreover, you need the productivity of what online video marketing content can do to tell your story to prospective customers. After all, large companies need this content too!

The challenge with small business videos is that there is a wide range in cost.   So, in terms of budgeting for small business video, there are some parameters to utilize for online video strategies. To follow up, you should prepare to speak with a professional online business video production company.

First off, you should be looking at an online video content marketing strategy. So, we’re not talking about “one video” any longer because it is impossible to tell your entire story that way. Showcasing all your people, products, services and answering every question a prospective customer will have takes a lot of video content.

The rationale is that to get just one video, you are going to have a pay a professional online business video production company to do all the things necessary to give you a compelling 1-2 minute video for your business. That means they will need to do all the pre-production planning, bring all the equipment to the shoot, conduct all the interviews and then edit a few hours worth of footage down to 60-120 seconds.

Make the most out of your small business video content marketing budget

With the right pre-production planning, a professional online business video production company will be able to make the most of your small business video content marketing budget.

Let’s say that you have to interview 3 key players at your company. This is the minimum in order to get enough footage for your one “about us” video. You will probably be asking those key players a few questions each. This means, properly planned, each question can be a video unto itself. So at the end of your small business video content marketing project you have 7 videos instead of 1. And what is better, 7 or 1?

The incremental investment associated with a professional online business video production company editing 1 or 7 videos is incremental and your per video cost will go down, giving you a larger ROI per video over time. For example, lets say it is going to cost you 4,500 to produce just one video, but 7,500 to produce 5 videos. You can reduce your cost per video to 1,500, and if those videos last 3 years it will be $500 per video per year, by making the extra investment up front. (NOTE: prices vary greatly so a New York corporate video production house is going to be a different cost than a Philadelphia corporate video production company).

Your professional online business video production company should be able to review all the options with you in order for you to determine the type of cameras, accessories, how many people they are going to bring, if there is animation involved, and how many online business videos you will get for your business.