Are you in the know of how a Video 1st business video content marketing strategy can make your B2B video content marketing more productive and efficient? If you want to make your business video production budget go a long way then this post is for you.  You can get started regardless of whether you are using a corporate video production services company or doing it in-house.

The great part about a Video 1st business video content marketing strategy is that it can be executed by using the people who work at your company.  If you don’t yet know what a Video 1st business video production strategy is all about, click this link to check out a blog post on the topic.

Does business video production make sense for my company?

Business video content marketing makes total sense if buyers need to get informed and educated about your company.  It makes sense if you have sales people making presentations to buyers.  It it make sense if buyers keep on going back to your website to learn more about you.   If this resonates with you, you may want to consider working with a corporate video production services company.  They can help you create a plan for a getting the most out of a business video production plan to give buyers a great first impression.

Because video helps buyers understand what you sell before they start the buying process, they are on the look-out for video. Video is first piece of content buyers are looking for to make decisions about you.  Buyers want corporate overview videos, animated videos and other video content available from the get-go.  Forbes reported that 55% of people watch videos online every day (Source: Digital Information World).  Moreover, it should be there for every single decision point in the sales process. Business video content marketing allows buyers to quickly understand what you offer and the value you represent. The result is that they pick up the phone to call you or engage you in the sales process.

Buyers simply know video is the fastest and most effective method for them to get the information they need. A strategic approach to corporate online video production is necessary to reach your desired levels of lead conversion.

Use video communications before and after meetings

Once buyers are engaged, your sales people, operations team, and technical team take over. They provide the in-person trust and personal interaction that buyers are looking for. This is where a planned, thoughtful and integrated video communications really kick into action.

Because buyers won’t remember everything you say in person, they go back to your website and start making their own decisions. Therefore, your website should contain relevant video communications. These video communications should be of your technical, operational and marketing teams answering common questions.  They know best how your products and services work and can credibly give detailed information.

When potential customers see your team on video they will get the information directly from the people that have the most knowledge (animated videos may not be appropriate for this part of the funnel).  This familiarity is great relationship building that is key to the B2B selling process.  A corporate video production services company will create these video communications mimic your B2B selling process.

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Getting the most ROI out of a Video 1st business video content marketing strategy

Once you have business video production content, you can create ancillary content from each video.  Take your corporate overview video, animated videos and others, you can create blog posts, newsletters, FAQ pages, emails and press releases.  Animated videos are great to get lots of social media content from.  Video communications provide a framework to launching a product or targeting an industry.

Executing a video marketing strategy, using either in-house resources or with the support of a corporate video production services company, is a great way to get valuable content to your audience. This will also get the personalities of your team out in front of your prospects. Doing this early on in the sales process helps build relationships, trust and credibility. When your potential customers see your team on video, they’ll be far more comfortable with proceeding in the sales process.

All in all, it may be time for you to reconsider your current strategy and consider how video communications.  Put your thoughts and questions in the comment box below.

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