For an accounting firm, getting your name and brand out there in the digital age can be very difficult. Many businesses often turn to account software and programs for their in-house accounting needs, while still looking for reliable accountants that stand out, especially in an industry where competition is naturally steep. Investing in video production for accounting firms is a marketing strategy that can greatly improve both a firm’s marketing and client relations. Video content marketing for accounting firms is often the most effective, and efficient way to deliver a message to a broad audience. In an industry that relies heavily on reputation, video production for accounting firms should never be overlooked.

It’s no secret that video marketing is one of the hottest trends in many industries today. From software designers to bakeries, everyone is using video production to grow their business. Given the success of video marketing in other industries, why shouldn’t accountants try this method?

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One of the first problems any accounting firm must face is the heavy saturation of their market. Accounting firms exist in almost every major area for businesses to manage their finances, and it can be very difficult for a firm to present itself as unique. This is especially the case in larger, more densely packed areas such as New York City and New Jersey. Accountant video production in NYC and other major metros, then, is often the best way to stand out in the crowd. 

Video production offers several benefits for businesses trying to quickly and effectively improve brand awareness for marketing firms. In large, dense cities like New York, good marketing can be even more valuable for accounting firms because of the volume of competition accountants face there.

Research studies have shown time and again that video has become the most popular form of marketing media for consumers. This is true regardless of industry or your type of business. Both B2B and B2C companies have come to trust video as an essential part of their marketing strategies. B2B companies in particular can use video to their advantage as a sales tactic. An effective video can accomplish the same goals as a face-to-face meeting with a prospective client, at the expense of less time and fewer resources.

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Accounting firms in New York City should consider the number of competing firms, especially in the areas of your firm’s specialty. The fastest, most assured way to capture a client’s attention is with the help of a well-produced, on-brand video. This can also do a lot of your sales work for you by explaining in simplified terms what your firm excels in against other firms. By conveying the right message, video production for accounting firms can set a sturdy foundation as you look to expand and reach more potential clients.

Content Marketing for Accounting Firms

Previous and current trends have shown that video marketing is an effective, worthwhile technique to grow brand awareness and attract potential customers. But the question is, why is content marketing so important for accounting firms in particular? 

One of the biggest issues accountants often face is that their services can seem complex and difficult to understand to non-accountants. A lot of people might have a vague understanding of what an accountant does, but lack in-depth knowledge about the industry. This can make it difficult for accountants to sell their services. If your potential clients don’t understand the nuances of what you do, then all accountants end up looking the same. How do you stand out in a field of supposedly identical competitors?

Now, obviously, this view of accounting firms is inaccurate. You could offer forensic accounting services, public accounting, standard bookkeeping, or a mix of services. Customer service and client relations also help set many firms apart from their competitors. But these differences are not always widely understood by your consumers. Video content marketing for accounting firms helps to produce a single, unified message about your company, and distribute that message far and wide.

Effective video production for accounting firms can educate clients about your services, and it can also position your firm as the best fit for their individual needs over rival firms. Here are some of the ways accounting firms can make the best use of video marketing.

Video Production for Accounting Firms: Reduce the Time Spent Selling Your Services to Clients

Sales cycles for accounting firms take a lot of time and effort, both of which can be scarce in some situations. But if potential clients can watch a video selling your services and briefly explain what they stand to get, half the job is done for you. You would only need to detail the specific services a client would need, thus saving more time and gaining more clients. Video content can be consistent, controlled, and ubiquitous when done right.

A single video also has a much longer (and broader) shelf life than a face-to-face meeting. When you produce video marketing content, it can be viewed by hundreds, or even thousands, of potential clients over time.

Quality Content Marketing Means a Larger Online Presence

When selling a service like accounting to potential clients, having a strong digital presence is essential. In some industries, businesses can rely on product recognition to grow brand awareness. This is an advantage for industries outside of accounting. But unfortunately, accountants can’t often rely on such product recognition.

Accounting firms instead rely predominantly on reputation and visibility, which is hard to improve if all firms in the industry are doing the same thing. Content marketing for accounting firms is one of the most effective ways to grow visibility through a greater digital presence. By having your videos reach out to wide audiences, your firm will have more success in keeping existing customers and generating new leads. Every business needs accounting services, and every company is always looking for an edge to get ahead. Frequent, high-quality video production can reassure existing clients of your services, while also drawing in new business.

Even though programs and software can achieve great things, there is no DIY accounting software that can replace the insight and ingenuity of a real, knowledgeable accountant. Effective video production relies on having a compelling message and knowing how to deliver that message to your audience. 

Video Production for Accounting Firms: Cater Content to Ideal Clients

Every business needs accounting services in some form. Content marketing for accounting firms allows you to craft customized content targeted at specific clients. Maybe your firm wants to focus on helping small businesses, or you specialize in helping tech companies. Whatever area of the market you wish to target, video marketing can work for you. Video production is fast and affordable, meaning you can quickly produce quality content that is aimed directly at your target audience.

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We know that your accounting firm has something unique to offer, and we believe effective video production can help you get that message out there. Are you interested in getting started with video production for your accounting firm? Get in touch with our team and see how we can develop the best video content strategy for you. Want to see more of the type of work you can expect from MultiVision Digital? Browse our portfolio of marketing videos.

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