Remote video production offers a fast and convenient way to capture video content when real-world complications get in the way. Video production services are an essential part of the marketing landscape today. With the rapid pace of many industries, even a small delay can turn into a significant setback. That is exactly where a remote video crew can help.

A remote video crew can eliminate many of the obstacles that can delay production.

Namely, scheduling and cost concerns can often get in the way, or at least slow down the process. They can offer a more streamlined production window with lower costs.

When you use a remote video crew, they can get you set up quickly and, of course, remotely, to shoot your video. Then, from anywhere in the world, your remote crew can direct you through the process without needing to arrange a face-to-face meeting. While there are some cases where in-person video production is preferred, remote video production has numerous advantages.

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The process of remote video capture is simple. On the day of a shoot, a team of directors and producers works remotely to guide you through the process. Usually, all you need to do is download an app on your smartphone or tablet, and start recording. The professionals will work the camera and handle all the technical aspects of your video. In a short time, you can have professional quality videos for your business. But what are the advantages of hiring a small video crew over an in-person production? There are several and a lot of industries that have tried it were so satisfied!

Save Money for Greater ROI

Companies that use a remote video crew instead of an in-person crew often save up to 60% on video production. These savings come from several factors. With no need for travel, time and money are saved on transportation. There is also less time spent getting set up for the production, which means less labor for both the video crew and their client. 

When you work with a remote video crew, you simply set a time and location. Depending on how long or technical your video is, your work can be done in under an hour. This frees you up to get more work done afterward. If all goes well, there is no need to spend most of your work day filming a video. The remote video crew you’ve hired can handle all the technical aspects, from directing, to editing, to uploading the video.

Remote Video Production

Video content is already one of the most cost-effective forms of brand marketing. Video production has become affordable, and quality videos have tremendous power, remaining relevant for years. But any time you hire a professional video production service for your business, you are spending money. Return on investment is still very important. Most video content will pay off, but the best video content will do much more for you than average or mediocre video production. 

When you choose to work with a remote video crew, having a team that is experienced and knowledgeable can make a big difference. A professional remote video director can produce a video that looks and feels like it was shot in person for a fraction of the cost. The savings you get with remote video capture give you an even greater return on your investment. 

Faster Production and Turnaround

Remote video production is a streamlined process all around. The time saved on both ends means videos can be produced and put into circulation faster than ever before. In-person shoots require travel, setup, and breakdown time. This extra labor can then also create a longer gap between filming and editing. But with remote video production, travel time is reduced to zero. Setup and breakdown time take mere minutes. And your remote video crew can start editing right away.

If everything goes well, you can record your video remotely and upload it online in less than a day. That kind of timeframe is almost always unrealistic for in-person productions.

With the fast pace of many industries today, this rapid turnaround is invaluable. You can stay on top of trends in your industry, or get the word out about new developments for your business in real-time. In the most fast-paced industries, even an hour saved can make a huge difference when you’re looking to get ahead of the competition.

Scheduling and Location Flexibility

Minor inconveniences can sometimes slow video productions down in ways that are difficult to manage. You are a busy person. Most video production teams also have tight schedules and harsh deadlines. Arranging a time and a place for both parties to film, in some cases, can cause serious delays.

But a remote video crew eliminates many of these obstacles. Not only is there less of a need to worry about scheduling, but remote video crews also allow for greater flexibility. For example, don’t like a certain location for your video? Simply relocate and set up your equipment in a new location. There is very little equipment needed for remote video production, and most of it takes no time at all to set up.

As long as you stay connected to your remote video crew, you can record your video anywhere. So it’s no problem if you’re on a tight schedule or can’t make it to a certain location on the day of the shoot. Our small crew can help you just the same.  Is it challenging to coordinate having everybody in one location simultaneously? Remote video production makes that problem irrelevant.

Social Distancing

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a dramatic shift toward remote business technologies across the board. Remote conferencing tools like Zoom became an everyday part of our lives as remote work became normal.

The need for social distance also facilitated many improvements to the availability of remote video production. Companies now have a greater ability than ever to capture, edit, and share videos remotely. While the initial wave of the pandemic has slowed, it may be that the need for social distancing will never fully subside. In situations where health and safety are at risk, it is more than a convenience and a practical business measure. It is also an ethical and responsible service in the interest of workplace safety. A remote video crew, in many cases, reduces the amount of human contact to zero. When public health is an issue, remote video production is a service you cannot do without.

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Even though remote video production can be done from anywhere, it still helps to have a reliable video producer nearby. This is simply easier for communication and practicality. Trying to shoot a video across time zones or waiting for physical delivery of equipment can still cause complications, even when filming remotely.

As an experienced video production company in NYC, MultiVision Digital’s expertise in navigating remote video creation is unmatched. As a result, companies have used our Remote Video Capture services across many industries to their advantage. 

MultiVision Digital is a New York-based professional video production agency with years of experience. Our team has helped companies in many industries, from law firms to accountants and marketing agencies. No matter your business, we can help capture and deliver your brand’s message to reach your ideal audience.

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