As a video production company, we love seeing more and more social media videos for LinkedIn and other channels. That means more people are doing video and getting used to being in front of the camera.  This means that they are just a bit closer to planning a long-term video marketing strategy.  So if you’re planning for your next, or your first, social media video for LinkedIn, here are three video production tips for you (and one bonus one about a Video 1st video marketing strategy at the end!).

The first video production tip for your video for social media is to work out your messaging first.  Social media videos for LinkedIn are business communications, so be thoughtful and succinct about what you want to communicate.  As we know only too well, people that watch social media videos have a short attention span so make sure your message is tight.  Jot down three quick bullet points on a piece of paper like a Post-it note so visually the message is tight and packaged.  For social media videos for LinkedIn, you probably don’t want a video longer than three points.  If your goal is the video for social media content marketing and has more than three bullet points, we recommend saving that for another video.  If you are focused on video for social media content marketing, the fact that you will come out of production with two videos vs one video will be a good use of your time, money, and effort. 

The next video production tip is to get into the mindset of being in front of the camera so you look and sound your best.  Speaking in front of the camera is the #2 reason why people do not do more video for social media.  If this is what is stopping you then we have something for you to think about → “GET OVER IT !” 

Most every person will hate what they look like in their social media video

Trust me on this one – almost every person will not like what they look like when their video is done – me included!  And trust me even more on this one – don’t worry… your prospects won’t care.  They will care more about the message and what they get out of the video than what you look like. 

And so should you when you are editing your social media video.  Don’t focus on what you “look like”, but rather focus on what you “hear”.  If what you hear is accurate then you have a good video. A good video production company can use their magic to take care of any imperfections on your “look”, but not on the message that comes across.

Regardless of if you are shooting LinkedIn social media videos on your own or with the help of a video production company, the best way to get into the camera-ready mindset is to think of the camera as your prospect or a client.  When speaking to a prospect or a client you don’t use a script, you smile, you are natural and you are professional. So just do what you do every single day of the week in front of the camera.  

Couple of things to note here, first this is where your pre-defined message (video production tip #1) really becomes important.  If you know exactly what you want to say, and what you don’t want to say, you’ll be more prepared and confident. The second thing to note here is the value of a video production company.  A video production company is more than just cameras and equipment. A video production company comes with the professional service of a director that helps people be their best in front of the camera.

best linkedin videos

The final video production tip for shooting social media videos for LinkedIn is framing.  The framing is where you stand in relation to the camera and the room around you in a frame.  Most people will err on the side of standing in the middle of the frame vs on the 1/3rd.  So you want to be in a position where you can just about see your hands and have a little bit of headroom on the top.  On each side, you want room so you have the ability to edit a punch in and out in case you need to. 

So those are just a few video production tips to make great social media videos for LinkedIn for you to keep in mind when you do your next video, or you do your first video.  And video for social media is just getting started so the more you do the better you will become.  

You made it to the video marketing strategy tip we mentioned at the beginning. 


If you watch the video in this post you will notice that most of this blog post is similar to the spoken words in the video.  This is because we practice what we preach in using a Video 1st video marketing strategy.  A Video 1st video marketing strategy basically means that you start with video and derive contextual and other social content marketing assets off of that video.  For more insight on a Video 1st video marketing strategy you can watch – 

What is a Video 1st Video Content Marketing Strategy:

How to Execute on a Video 1st Video Content Marketing Strategy: 

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