Digital marketing is evolving again with a new social media video technique that builds awareness, social shares, and drive sales.  Using fast-paced social media video marketing has become one of the hottest and effective techniques for spreading awareness; the objective of advertising.  Of course, video is great for many business objectives  of these things, but one marketing video production is also not a one size fits all solution.  So, for this matter we’re focusing on how to drive awareness with advertising video.

This new social media video combines quick images of video, mixed with catchy music, motion graphics and text messaging.  These business video production spots command the viewer’s attention.  And when you command a viewer’s attention you drive your brand awareness goals and drive viewers towards certain actions.  Wordstream recently released a laundry list of video marketing statistics that support how effective video advertising can be:

  • 46% of users act after viewing an advertising video
  • Combining video advertising with full-page ads boosts engagement by 22 percent.
  • 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.
  • Marketers who use video marketing grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.
  • Sixty-four percent of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos (via tubularinsights).


So, speedy and quick advertising videos give a new and trendy feel. They are almost guaranteed to gain viewer attention.  Because of all the uses of video, planning for business video production now necessitates a more strategic approach.

Crafting Fast-Paced Social Media Video Marketing

How do you craft fast-paced social social media video marketing content for your business?  First, remember the most important part about business video production is your messaging. That’s because your message will determine how to best creatively support the content through video – either a live shoot, product shots, text, motion graphics and other visuals.  Luckily, for this form of fast-paced video advertising, your messaging can be surprisingly simple.  You want to hook your audience and keep them hooked while driving home only the key elements of your product or service.

Don’t bore anyone with the details, just pick the main bullet points that you must address.  And then match your fast paced video advertising message with the rhythm of a primal, attention-grabbing sound track. The interpretation for the correct rhythm and basic method of grabbing attention is of course contingent upon what you’re attempting to convey and the subjective nature of what entices viewers.

The First Rule of Social Media Video Marketing

It’s no secret that audience attention spans have decreased drastically.  The first rule of social media video marketing – make every second count and hook the viewer right from the start. This means focusing your message, having your key value propositions remaining intact and mixing in strong creative elements. Years ago, it was possible to do longer form video content without having viewer attention degrade. This is no longer the case with an abundance of social media channels and the never-ending websites that allow for the uploading of video marketing content.

Your target audience is now so heavily inundated with video that it’s crucial to keep your social media video content short and engaging.  To provide some inspiration, a couple good examples are outlined below.

The first is Apple’s “Don’t Blink” advertising video from their iPhone 7 Plus launch.  In this ad, they showcase their new phones using a fast percussion beat and rapidly changing text effects on white and black backgrounds. They also splice in intermittent pieces of video in between the text animations. The end product delivers all the key advancements of their smartphone while keeping the audience engaged throughout the video.

“Don’t Blink” is one of the best examples of being focused.  Showing the features of a product as they highlight dozens of selling points. Apple doesn’t get into the specifics, they just communicate that their new product is better than what they currently have through the flashy and enticing video advertising.

How to Use Video Content to Raise Brand Awareness on Social Media | Video Advertisement

Apple’s “Don’t Blink” advertising video is just one way of doing fast-paced social media video marketing. The fast-paced sphere doesn’t necessarily have the prerequisite of quick cuts and intense drumbeats. If the message itself is delivered in a strategic and captivating manner, you may not need to cut so quickly to such a beat. At the end of the day, it’s all about not allowing the viewer to get bored, even for a micro-second.

Fast-Paced Messaging – “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”

Another example of fast-paced video marketing, without the quick cuts and drumbeat, is the infamous “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” Old Spice commercial. This is designed as one long take with visual effects that allow the background scenery to change. Moreover, Old Spice doesn’t even use any music to drive home the message. Why? That’s simple. They don’t need to. Their message is most powerful with just the subject speaking quickly and commanding the audience to look certain places. Furthermore, their key point is driven home multiple times: You can make your partner smell like this attractive man in the video if you buy Old Spice.

There’s no mention of any specific scent or any other value proposition for the product. It’s the actor’s delivery of constant vocal content that’s primarily comedic in nature that keeps the audience engaged.

How to Use Video Content to Raise Brand Awareness on Social Media

Quick Video Advertising for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

If you’re a small to mid-size business, you may be reading this and wondering how this can be relevant to you, as Apple and Old Spice are massive companies. The beautiful thing about business video production is that it can be great quality for many different budget points. For more information on cost of a video check out “How Much an Average Business Video Marketing Production Costs” and the “5 Main Cost Factors to a Business Video.”  Any budget consideration for an advertising video should start with “what message you want to convey” and from there you can decide on an appropriate budget for you…which will probably differ than Apple and Old Spice.

The best use of these fast-paced ads is to spread awareness in a somewhat “trendy” way. Perhaps you want to reach new markets and demographics with your product or services. This style of advertising could help you do that.  Don’t be taken aback by the production value of the outlined examples. For Apple’s commercial, the vast majority of it is all basic text animation that is cost-effective to hire a professional video marketing services company to do for you.

You can gain inspiration from the Old Spice commercial on how the presenter communicates and the script itself. If you choose to do something similar, remember the most effective part of that business video production isn’t necessarily the visual effects, but how the message is communicated in the first place. So, your small to mid-size business is more than capable of producing similar content from a messaging standpoint. Still, it will all come down to you and what you think is the best to create an advertising video to spread awareness for your product, services, or brand.


Fast-paced video advertising and video marketing content is clever, entertaining, and leaves a lasting impression with the audience in a very short period of time. This being said, it’s important not to overuse fast-paced editing and content delivery techniques. They work well with certain business and marketing goals but will not always be the best choice for all of your video marketing efforts. While this post is focused on using video for advertising purposes, if you are looking to create a well-rounded video marketing strategy, you can read, and watch, more about that on a by clicking here.

We’d love to hear your questions or see examples of what you have done…please share them in the comment box below.