Many firms claim to be amongst the Top Video Production Companies in New York.  And many of them deliver good corporate video production services.  But when you produce promotional videos for business and recognized because clients say that you do great work…then you really can say that you are a Top Video Production Company in New York.   We work hard everyday to support our clients achieve their goals.  Their marketing goals range from increasing brand awareness, ranking better on SEO, converting leads and supporting the sales process.  But it’s not the fact that we are among the top NYC video production companies that makes this true. Rather, it’s the fact that our clients say it, too. [BIG SMILE!]

As a result, for the 2nd year in a row, MultiVision Digital, a provider of corporate video productions services and promotional videos for business, has been recognized in the annual Clutch Leaders Matrix.  This year MultiVision Digital was named as the #3 Top Video Production Company in New York ahead of many NYC video production companies.

Becoming one of the Top Production Companies in NYC

As a ratings and reviews platform, Clutch works with thousands of B2B service providers. They collect and verify in-depth client reviews, which they pair with an extensive research methodology to rank the leaders of their research in Leaders Matrices. Their work allows decision-makers to make informed decisions when searching for a business partner.

In their reviews, Clutch asks MultiVision Digital’s corporate video production services clients to consider services offered, results, and project management in their engagements.  Doing quality promotional videos for business is a competitive business and we’re proud with the relationships we have built with our clients.

Here are some of the highlights from our Clutch profile as see in the list of Top Video Production Companies in New York.

Barry Neumann, Head of Communications for Société Générale, highlighted our open approach to the partnership:

“They do great work while having a very professional yet open approach to things. Rob is constantly giving me ideas and it’s not even about selling his business—now that he knows our organization better, he’s seeing opportunities of things we can be doing more. He has a lot of experience with working externally with B2B companies and can bring ideas to us. That’s the partnership approach instead of a vendor approach.”

Lauren Russell, marketing director for Commercial Observer, with whom we collaborate on a monthly video series, mentioned:

“The engagement with the videos shot…is at least 100% higher than what we’ve had previously. Their communication is wonderful. We haven’t yet missed a deadline. They’re very good about checking with me and figuring out exactly what I need. If there’s a rush for some reason, they’re very good about that. They’re also very flexible with last-minute changes to schedules. We work with pretty important people that may cancel last-minute or have an unexpected opening in their schedule. Robert is very good about accommodating for that as well.”

Top Video Production Companies in New York in Action
On Set – In Action with Commercial Observer

Another client, Jim Terminiello, marketing manager for Berdon LLP, for whom we have produced over 40 videos, mentioned:

“Many of our partners have received good feedback and new business as a result of the videos. The videos highlight issues that are specific to an industry that sometimes people aren’t aware of. Our main goal in the videos was to get the face of our professionals out there. They’re much like a CNN interview.”

When asked what makes us most impressive, Jim said, “They are easy people to talk to who listen and respond. They have a lot of technical expertise.”

We couldn’t be happier that our clients have shared their experience on our corporate video production services. We are very proud they’ve helped name us one of the top video production companies in New York.

All things said, we are proud that we are performing on Clutch’s Top Video Production Company in New York list.  They have a robust research methodology that really gives a lot of value to the market. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with the firm as they expand their research and we produce more promotional videos for business.

Looking for one of the top NYC video production companies, give us a call and let’s talk about your next project.