One video is not a business video marketing strategy.  And although most companies look to get started with one corporate overview video, aimed to give buyers a high level overview of the company’s products, services and accolades…but that is not a sound business video marketing strategy.  Marketing with online video content means that you should plan to produce many videos. Moreover, they should fit into your entire sales and marketing funnel.

One Video Is Not the End All Be All

Simply put, one video is not a one size fits all solution for marketing with online video content. You probably have many types of communication. For example, calling, PDFs, website pages, and PowerPoint presentations all exist throughout your sales and marketing process. That’s the thought process you should take when considering video. This is also why one video is not a business video content marketing strategy.

It’s proven that marketing with online video content can positively impact almost every stage of your sales and marketing funnel.  To begin, you’ll look at what you’re doing in a few different areas already. Check your branding, lead conversion, sales nurturing process, and then deeper into your sales process.  What types of content do you have now in emails, on paper, and in PDF files?  Then make a plan to convert that content, that goes far beyond a corporate overview video, into meaningful and informative content that buyers need to make decisions.

Ideas for Marketing with Video Content

Some ideas to plan for marketing with online video content are:

  • Branding / awareness – short social media videos that drive traffic to a landing page
  • Conversion – explainer videos that quickly explain hard to understand concepts
  • Sales Process – videos that mimic the blocking and tackling of a B2B sales process
  • Thought Leadership – videos that build thought leadership expertise
  • Nurturing – videos that plug into an email nurturing strategy
video marketing

Communicating Effectively with Video

Once you realize that marketing with online video content can go beyond a corporate overview video, the doors to more effective communication really open up.  The first step to build a business video content marketing strategy is to create a list or spreadsheet to outline each segment of your business where you currently use physical or digital documents to explain things about your company.  Categorize this information and start asking ‘what parts of each process would be better communicated through marketing with online video content.’ Then start making decisions on the best content to produce.

Your business strategy should drive your business video content marketing strategy so that one supports the other.  Once you build this reciprocal relationship into your internal strategies, your process of producing online video content will become progressively clearer and more efficient so you can spend less time contemplating and more time reaping the benefits of business video content marketing.

As you start marketing with online video content through your website, emails, YouTube, etc., your clients are going to expect it at every stage.  You’ll start with a corporate overview video and also aim to shoot other videos as well. Strive to produce FAQs, bio videos, or other smaller videos that allow you to support your funnel activities,  use a video editor to help you create and edit these materials—you can use it to trim your videos and add subtitles so they’re easier for people to understand.. The effectiveness of video content in these other areas will surprise you once properly implemented. Your clients will be more informed, allowing your sales and marketing teams to benefit.

See you in front of the camera!