Considering the decreasing attention span of people and the limited time to impress customers, brands are facing a hard time communicating the true value of their offerings. This is why for video advertising campaigns motion graphic animated explainer videos top the list when it comes to increasing brand awareness and having consumers understand a brand’s value proposition, product, or service.

After all, there’s a ton of information that needs to be shared with customers about a brand’s services or products, their benefits, mission, prices, and whatnot. Putting all of those things down in text form is certainly useful but many people don’t have the patience or time to read such a long document. So, the survival of businesses in today’s modern and digital marketplace is about producing something worth seeing and sharing. 

This is why videos and motion graphics are turning out to be an integral part of a successful content marketing campaign. Out of many different types of video advertising, motion graphic animated explainer videos top the list when it comes to making customers understand a brand’s value proposition, product, or service. It offers you the power to instantly and creatively impress your leads as people no more feel that they’re being hooked forcefully. In fact, a report from Hubspot showed that 94% of people prefer watching explainer videos to understand a brand or product while 84% of them make their purchase decision after watching the video. 

Therefore, adding explainer videos to a website not only helps to keep viewers hooked but also increases the SEO search rankings. In addition, these videos are a great way to repurpose content for social media handles to improve customer engagement and brand awareness. Continue reading this guide to understand why animated explainer videos are considered a killer visual strategy for brands. 

Types of Motion Graphic Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are a shot-form of marketing videos, created to explain a product or service of a business. Since you can animate any objects to use in the video, it offers more room for creativity and growth. Generally, the videos are 45 to 90 seconds long but it depends on the type of products or services you want to make people understand. But, short and crisp content always turns out to be highly beneficial for a marketing campaign. 

The different types of animated explainer videos include:

Motion Graphics Animation

Motion graphics animation is a type of explainer video, used in a range of different industries for effective communication and storytelling. It includes real estate, medical industries, finance industries, and the B2B sector as well. The process involves creating custom graphics and moving them in specific time and space to either tell a story or achieve a pre-determined goal. The elements here are placed in a proper sequence of frames in order to create the motion’s illusion. Using motion graphics, you can break any complex concept down and make it simple for people to understand. 

Stock Footage Animation

Although stock footage animation is often underestimated in the realm of video marketing, it could be a highly valuable resource for making any video. Basically, stock footage is video footage that can be utilized for other videos. The footage may have appeared in other previous videos but there is also unique footage available. Stock footage animation is an ideal solution for those who want to create videos in a shorter time span. Since there’s no need to shoot in different locations or fund necessary equipment, videos can be made within a stipulated deadline. 

Live-Action Explainer

For some brands, a human connection with their audience is required to make the videos perform better. It would be best to opt for live-action explainer videos in this case. In this type of video, actual people will be talking directly to the cameras rather than animated graphics. You can still integrate animation if you want to take your customers through a visual journey while the spokesperson continues to explain behind the video. Ideally, the spokesperson could be the founder or an employee who tries to focus on highlighting the products, services, or goals of the company.

Character Animation

Character animation is a specific type of video strategy that uses movement and tone to create a live character. Designers can easily shape these animated characters to give them the desired personality. Although, the more complex the movement you want, the higher the budget will be. Animators typically use different facial expressions, exaggeration, rhythm, movement, and timing to create an animated character with a certain personality.

How to Create Motion Graphic Animated Explainer Videos to Make a Brand Stand Out?

Focus A Script on Messaging and Make it Short & Crisp

Motion graphics Explainer Videos Script.

Explainer videos are certainly an effective communication tool for brands but only if they succeed in telling the story efficiently. The reason each explainer video works well is that the audio and visual work separately in the human brain, making information processed faster and easier. So, when you break down a complex concept into a simple and engaging story and show off your company’s unique personality with a strong takeaway, the videos work like a magic trick.

This is why the majority of your focus should be on writing a perfect script that would work for your brand. We understand that you may have a lot to tell your customers but it’s important not to confuse them with too much information all in one video. The longer you make your videos, the less attention you will get from people. So, typically 150 words per minute work optimally. 

Four things need to be remembered while writing the scripts; the problem, the solution, how you help, and the takeaway. Try to address customers’ pain points within the first twenty seconds of a video. In the next twenty to twenty-five seconds, try to talk about the solution and introduce your unique service or product. Then, in the next phase, describe how to get started and keep it for another twenty-five seconds and then provide a call to action describing people what to do in the last few seconds of a video. 

Motion Graphic Animated Explainer Videos: Visualize Your Video Through a Storyboard

A storyboard is like a visual roadmap that shows how the video will look when it’s produced. Once, the video script is done, it’s essential to create a storyboard to visualize the video before the production process starts. Not only it helps to cut down on video production time but also it allows brands to create a more targeted video for their audience. 

Therefore, a detailed storyboard will consist of every sketch describing each video frame. It gives an idea about how the end result will look like. Other than illustrations, the panel could also contain camera work that needs to be done for a specific scene or detailed dialogues. The more details are added, the more refined storyboard will be created. This makes the next moves much easier. 

Motion graphics & Explainer Videos Storyboard

Start The Video Production Process

In the next phase, one of the most critical steps needs to be done and that’s the production process of the explainer videos. If you’re creating a motion graphic animated explainer video, then it requires professional script writers, animators, illustrators, as well as voiceover artists to help with the production process. However, if you’re creating a live-action explainer, then the entire video of either your employees or products need to be shot first. The most important thing about video production is to make sure everything goes just according to the plan you’ve created.

explainer videos

Create a Plan on How You Want to Launch Motion Graphic Animated Explainer Videos

This is the most neglected part. People often get too much excited about creating explainer videos and video strategy but they forget how they want to share them with the world. But, it’s one of the major steps that can either positively or negatively impact the success of an explainer video. It’s because creating the video isn’t enough. There should be a plan and customized approach to video marketing to help customers find that video. 

Ideally, you can select a host for your video. You can upload it directly on the YouTube channel or on the website and then embed it everywhere. Afterward, there should be extra steps taken to get more people to watch the video. It means it requires a thorough video marketing plan. You can consider embedding it on blogs, social media channels, and newsletters to reach out to more customers. Lastly, you can put the video on the landing page or the home page of your website to keep customers hooked and increase the average session duration of the site.

Ready to Make Stellar Explainer Videos With Professionals?


If you’re thinking about joining the bandwagon of explainer videos, partnering with a video production agency can not only save you time and money but also deliver professional end results. After all, creating explainer videos can be pretty time-consuming and challenging, especially without any expertise and knowledge. Here at MultiVision Digital, an NYC-based video content marketing company, we have produced a range of animated videos over the years. Therefore, to create meaningful interactions with your services and products in a highly engaging manner and boost your video marketing campaigns, reach out to us now!