To convert website visitors into B2B leads you must keep people engaged and interested. They should quickly understand what you do or offer, see you as professional, and a solution provider to their problems, an Animated Corporate Video Production can help you with . That’s where B2B animated explainer videos come into play as a super lead conversion tool.  In fact, 78% of video marketers say corporate explainer videos help convert leads and increase sales.

Corporate explainer videos, highlight product features neatly, are highly engaging and concise…just what busy B2B want. B2B animated explainer videos, motion graphics explainer videos and other types of corporate explainer videos efficiently engage your leads while providing the necessary information to persuade them to contact you via your website or phone call.  It is totally understandable why these videos bring up to 66% more qualified leads in a year vs companies that have not invested in animated sales videos.

So, let’s check the benefits of animated explainer videos, the most effective type of animated sales video out there, and how you can get the most ROI with an animated explainer video investment.

Benefits of Animated Corporate Video Production

1. Animated Explainer Videos Fit Almost Anywhere in the Sales Funnel

Whether you want to convert new leads or nudge an old prospect, explainer videos do the job well. You can use them to show product benefits, how things work or explain complex processes and do many more things to pull leads further down the funnel. For example, check this animated product video, showing the benefits of a SaaS marketing software.

B2B animated explainer videos are the perfect accompaniment to your sales team. They can be included in introductory pitches, on knowledge resource pages, and as an intro to product training.  So, identify and test all conversion points in your funnel with animated corporate video production.

2. B2B Animated Explainer Videos Increase SERP Click-through Rates

Every industry is competitive and we all need that one little thing to differentiate us and make us stand out from the others.  B2B animated explainer videos will have you stand out from others because they are memorable. Animated and motion graphics explainer videos have that psychological effect, as we have all grown up watching cartoons and motion graphics in movies, making them more likely to be watched.

So, with animated corporate video production, you put forward your value proposition, while entertaining your prospective clients and thus increasing your click-through rates on search engine results pages (SERPs).

So start to create a strategy for making animated sales video part of your planning to bring the results you’re looking for.

3. Motion Graphics Explainer Videos Engage Prospects

Motion graphics explainer videos have been proved to be among the most engaging content types online. In fact, your prospects might spend up to 88% more time on your website if it contain videos.

Animated Explainer Video Motion Graphics
That’s because, by animating the different kinds of corporate explainer videos, especially motion graphic explainer videos, you engage both visual and auditory senses. Essentially, you tell a story about your products or services by using images and motion and sound to engage prospects while they learn about your products and services.

Such videos create an emotional connection with your prospects. They make leads commit to watching and listening to what you have to say by creating a distinct impression. So, the better you deliver your message, the higher would be the number of clicks.

4. Animated Sales Videos Drive Sales

With all the benefits of animated corporate video production, it is no wonder why 78% of video marketers say videos directly improve sales. The thing is animated explainer videos are created with the sole aim of explaining a complex process and that is the main thing that people want in order to purchase from you – to be informed and educated. And that itself makes these videos a powerful sales tool.

Those animated videos explain how you solve a particular problem. They help you showcase your expertise in the industry. So, in a way, corporate explainer videos establish you as a thought leader. They, in turn, build trust and inspire clients to take action to contact you about your products and services.

Animated explainer videos have a combined power of eye-catching graphics, engaging storytelling and soothing music.

5. Reduce the Sales Cycle

Animated explainers aren’t only entertaining and engaging, but enlightening too. With a video like this animated sales video, your leads can have enough information, within minutes, to understand your product value. They see it; believe in it; want it.

Your sales reps won’t be stuck on hour-long calls or months-long email exchanges to convert a lead. You can loop prospects in quickly with animations around the pain points and let the videos take care of the long conversions when prospects tune out after a while.

Instead of lengthy consultations, your reps can let the animated explainer videos do the selling and focus on sealing the deal.

6. Double up as marketing content

Converting B2B leads into sales isn’t the only usage for corporate explainer videos. Once created, corporate explainer videos can be reused across different channels.

These animated sales videos are catchy and easily shareable. So, they can be spread across the web, social media, email marketing, blogs, etc, creating a strong brand authority.

You can share them on social media to drive more engagement or post them to YouTube for video marketing. And you must. 93% of marketers have gotten new business through a social media video and you will too.

Types of B2B Animated Explainer Videos

1. Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Motion graphics videos are a combination of animated shapes, logos and text. This motion graphics video, for example, shows the details of a complex construction project. Colorful graphics and playful music improve engagement, while enriching the message.

2. Kinetic Typography Explainer Videos

Kinetic Typography videos are similar to motion graphics explainers, but they only have animated typographic fonts to express the ideas.

Kinetic explainer video

They capture essential facts and features to present them with quirky animations and layouts. They might have voice overs too, to support the story.

3. 3D Animated Sales Videos

3D animated videos are high-quality videos with lifelike scenes and movements and fine details to create immersive experiences. The elements have height, width and depth, coupled with an impactful narration in 3D. These videos come with limitless possibilities for the B2B industry as you can create almost anything in 3D.

4. Whiteboard Animated Explainer Videos

Whiteboard videos are a form of animated explainer videos simulating live classes and workshops.

Multivision B2B animated explainer videos sample

They contain doodles, text and other graphics drawn on a white background to illustrate different concepts and processes.

5. Live-Action Hybrid Animated Videos

Hybrid animated videos integrate live video clips with animated elements. This product promo video is one such example. Real clips create a human-level connection and digital effects enhance the message intended to be delivered.

Get the most out of your Animated Corporate Video Production Investment

Animated sales videos can improve conversions. But hiring just any animated corporate video production agency won’t suffice if you’re looking for a high ROI.The secret to creating animated sales videos that convert lies in understanding how to connect with your prospects.

What you need is a strategized animated corporate video production to get the most out of your B2B animated explainer video budget.

You will need a plan to use them, reuse them, and repurpose them in as many ways as possible.

Need some help? We’re there for you.

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