We all know that video engages, informs, and builds trust quicker and more effectively than any other marketing tactic out there. So if you’re trying to get prospects, convert them into leads, and drive them through the buying cycle, allow us to disclose the top 3 sales video communications that every business needs and discuss them with your video marketing agency.

The top 3 digital sales video communications

In order to drive customers through the sales funnel here are the important types of sales videos that you should consider:

  • Product/service overview videos
  • FAQ videos
  • Customer case study videos (a form of online video testimonials)

In addition to your corporate overview video, people really need to get a high-level understanding of which product or service is best for them. This is why product or service overview videos on your website make a great introduction to your new prospect especially if it’s done professionally by a video marketing agency.

Why do overview videos matter?

Smart companies understand that prospects, before speaking with a salesperson, want to get more informed on each product/service area. Prospects want specific sales video communications that speak to their specific interest because they can get the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time from sales video communications vs reading.

Decision-makers prefer your website sales video to give a high-level introduction of your product/service, why it is important to them, how they can benefit from it, and what they can expect from your team. If you have multiple products and multiple service areas, you should plan a budget over time, discuss it with your video marketing agency and allow them to give you an insight on how you can have a website sales video for each one of them.

How important are FAQ videos?

The second digital sales video communication that every business needs are website FAQ videos. Just like people ask questions when they are face-to-face with you, people will continually go back to your website to get information and become further informed in order to make buying decisions. So if you’re a salesperson watching this, try to get your organization to create website video FAQs of the people that you bring with you to meetings.

For example, your technical team, your back-end support, your implementation team, your customer service; these people have the answers that your customers are looking for in order to make buying decisions. In addition, it gets those people, the team behind you, out in front of your prospects earlier in the sales process to build those relationship bridges that are so key to driving business-to-business sales.

You’ll never know when a prospect will check on you

The final type of sales video communication that every business needs are website case study videos. Just like you tell stories, face-to-face, about the success that you have had to each specific industry group or a specific type of customer, that is the same approach you should have on your website.

You never know when prospects are going to check you out, so having website case study videos will give them the information they are looking for in an easy to consume and enjoyable format. In addition, website case study videos make great sales support material, can be used as a portfolio or as a follow-up to sales meetings.

What do you think about this approach?  Have you invested in video yet?

We’ll see you in front of the camera.