Done right, video converts!
From building awareness by engaging new prospects, to converting them into leads thru to pipeline development by differentiating yourself during the sales process.  Regardless of calling it video, corporate video production, online video marketing or business video marketing…your business will get a strategic edge when you create it and use it in your marketing and sales process.

And taking advantage of sales video in your lead generation and sales efforts has never been easier and critical to moving your next prospect into and thru the sales funnel.

Companies that use business video marketing convert website visitors at a higher rate than other marketing tools because it delivers a more engaging and personal message. In fact, 70% of marketers that are already using online video marketing believe that video converts better than any other marketing medium out there.  Which makes total sense as corporate video production is effective because it gives viewers the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time, and gets them informed about your products and company.

When you consider that:

  • 75% of B2B executives watch business videos on websites every week.
  • 81% B2B buyers start the purchase process with a web search.
  • 46% of B2B technology buyers say that they will make a purchase after viewing video marketing content.

You quickly begin to realize online video’s ability and sales process to captivate potential clients – turning them into qualified leads and paying customers – is second to none.

Business Video Marketing Creates Action Into and Through the Sales Cycle

A corporate video production investment is perfect for you if you aim to have content that differentiates you from your competition.  It’s perfect for you if your goals include ranking higher on search engines, higher social media engagement, generating more leads, and driving more sales in a cost-effective and measurable way.  Making video content marketing one of, if not “the”, best ways to engage, enhance the sales process, and convert casual browsers into leads and paying customers. One way companies can get the most out of their corporate video production budget is for their sales teams to reference their business video marketing library after that telemarketing call or in-person meeting.

Sending a video link to the prospect is a unique way of grasping the potential client’s attention and educating them on the benefits your company/products/services offers.  Simply put, using online sales videos makes it easy for them to understand what you do that moves the prospect deeper into the sales cycle.

5 Indispensable Corporate Video Production Ideas

Many businesses understand the power of corporate video production but are unsure where to get started.  Here are 5 corporate video production ideas to help solve the question “where do we get started?”

  1. Product/service videosAll companies sell either a product/service and have this information on their website…..and your employees talk about your products and services every day!  Now do it in a personal way in front of the camera! Highlight the benefits of online business video marketing content that educates potential buyers and creates demand for your product/service.
  1. FAQ / Thought Leadership Videos

    Your website has a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) because they inform a prospect of your firm’s key value propositions, experience, differentiators, and processes.  These types of online video content essentially help you solidify your experience showing and explaining.
  2. Key people behind your sales team Your customers love your service and support team so give your sales team video content assets that highlight your talented team of professionals. These are the people that provide your sales team with your competitive differentiators and deliver the benefits to your customers.  Doing this will also take the focus off the ‘sales person’.
  3. Post presentation objection handling There is only so much that can be written down in a brochure or website. These types of online business video marketing content are typically evergreen and are priceless to a business.  They provide a high ROI because they feature your star employees.  Record answers to the top three objections your customers have and present them with confidence and conviction that will build trust and more sales.
  4. Customer testimonial The best part about customer testimonials is that they will always be relevant in showcasing your satisfied customers.  Any company can toot its own horn about how good they really are.   Go out and find a customer for each product/service, invite them in for lunch one day and start filming relevant stories of your team, product, implementation, and service.  Well-made testimonial videos are virtually indispensable for your online video content library.

Investing In  Corporate Video Production and Business Video Marketing

Video reaches out, informs, and builds trust with your customers quicker, easier, and more effectively than any other marketing medium. So companies that start investing in corporate video production and build a business video marketing library will gain a quick competitive advantage and put themselves ahead of their competition.corporate video production

And doing it sooner rather than later will provide you with a high ROI, as most online video content lasts for many years – 5 years in many cases.  And using business video marketing every day in your sales and marketing process will only add further ROI to your business.

Just like 10 years ago when you needed a website to be competitive, soon every company will be investing in corporate video production.  Don’t wait until you have to catch up to your competition…gain a competitive advantage today and get your first series of online video content today.

We’ll see you in front of the camera.