Video marketing is the future of marketing and may offer the highest return on investment of virtually any marketing strategy. In fact, marketing videos or advertisement videos are so effective that they’ve become a standard practice across all industries.

While you may think of social media marketing as the key to staying competitive in today’s market, you may not know that a large proportion of social media marketing content is video-based. Think of top platforms like Instagram, YoutTube, Twitter, and Facebook, all of which allow you to embed marketing videos to promote your business. Direct advertisements, interviews with staff, product demos, and other types of contemporary marketing content are just more engaging—and successful—through a video medium.

However, while videos for marketing are increasingly common, not all marketing videos are necessarily successful. Engaging marketing videos that actually attract viewer attention and generate leads, or traffic to your website, have to satisfy certain qualities. No matter who or what industries you’re targeting through your marketing strategies, your target audience is, at their core, a human with certain definable psychological characteristics.

Why is this obvious fact worth mentioning? This may sound odd, but you can actually use psychology—the science of thinking that applies across all audiences and locales—when creating marketing videos. Here’s how to utilize psychology to capture audience attention and make your company’s videos more successful.

Create a “Hook” for Your Marketing Video

The human mind is inundated with stimuli at all times. Various visuals, sounds, and other sensory data are directed at us no matter where we are. However, your mind is good at filtering out what it thinks you don’t need to focus on. For example, if you’re concentrating on a certain work task, you won’t get distracted by another piece of stimuli that your mind deems unimportant, like a leaf blowing by in front of you.

In the case of marketing, if you’re focused on a video playing on your smartphone, you may ignore other stimuli like push notifications because your mind has decided that the video you’re watching deserves total attention.

How do you create such a marketing video, one that not only attracts but holds viewer attention? The answer is a “hook”, or something that’s so unique and interesting that it immediately attracts views. Broca’s area, the region of the brain responsible for language, will only pay attention to language it deems relevant and interesting. Use short, concise, and captivating language to hook your audience and keep them engaged with your marketing video.

For example, Purple Mattress advertisement videos combine attention-grabbing language about the importance of sleep—and why we’re not getting it—with unique or even odd visuals. These hooks are part of what makes this company’s video advertising campaigns so successful.

Appeal to Human Needs with Your Video Advertising

The human mind is always mildly aware of its individual needs and desires. You don’t internalize only your basic needs, like food and rest, but also more complex needs: a way to save money on industrial supplies, technology solutions for managing a business, or even cost-saving management practices. When marketing videos appeal to either basic or complex needs, your target audience immediately pays attention—and stays attentive.

Within the first few seconds of a marketing video, viewers should feel that they’re the right audience for said video. How do your products or services specifically help them with their unique needs? Your marketing videos need to have not only a hook but a relevant one that speaks directly to your target audience.

What sort of business are you speaking to? What do they do? What industry are they in? What are their common challenges? Think about not only who you are, but who your target viewers should be. When they feel you’re speaking directly to their needs, they’ll pay attention—albeit for a limited amount of time.

Maintain the Ideal Length for Advertisement Videos

Marketing researchers have come to the consensus that marketing videos between one and two minutes are the most engaging and informative. Any shorter, and you risk oversimplifying your marketing message, including who you are, what your company does, and how it solves the viewer’s distinct problems. Any longer, and your audience becomes bored and moves on to more interesting or productive activities.

For the perfect balance of thorough and concise marketing, aim to make your marketing videos “digestible.” This is a term for marketing content that’s easy to comprehend—even if it’s about a complex subject—and memorable. It’s short enough to attract viewers’ attention so it feels less intrusive. Consider working with a marketing video production team that can help produce effective, engaging visual content within specific length parameters.  In fact, the marketing video production team you ask might fill you in on the “golden rule” of marketing videos…”never make a video longer than it has to be.”

The Power of Story

Even highly logical information, like product specifications, is more engaging when crafted with the power of a story. That’s because the human mind actually prefers to make shopping decisions from an emotional standpoint rather than a logical one. Even industrial plant managers may be more likely to invest in a product when you utilize an emotional tool in your marketing videos: the power of story.

Stories are more memorable, engaging, and effective than simple lists of facts. When crafting your digital marketing strategy, think about how to produce marketing videos with a clear story structure. This doesn’t mean your video has to have a romantic plot and an action-packed climax. Rather, it should be formatted like a story.

All engaging stories have a similar structure: introduction of a conflict/problem, facing the problem head-on, then resolving the problem. Craft your marketing videos with such a structure to engage your audience, make your marketing content more memorable, and even make your target audience emotionally invested in your products/services.

Other elements of the story that are psychologically effective include sensory details such as language and visuals that appeal to the 5 basic senses as well as empathy. If you can retell the story of helping a client fulfill their needs in a compelling story structure, viewers may identify with this individual and even develop a positive perspective of your company.

Get Professional Assistance

Ultimately, there’s a great deal of planning and strategy that goes into effective video marketing. Trust in an experienced marketing production company to script, produce, and film your company’s marketing videos, then direct them to the proper channels to reach your audience. MultiVision Digital helps companies like yours reach their marketing goals and improve ROI.
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