Video marketing may be the right approach for your business, but that doesn’t mean it’s “one size fits all.” There are several approaches to video promotions, which depend on the target audience and the occasion or circumstance.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative video juices flowing.

Product demonstration videos offer oodles of opportunities to showcase your product, share helpful tips, and explain the proper use and setup of the product. No consumer should have to wrestle with those fine-print how-to instructions, when you can take a day to illustrate them in a video. Customers will love you, when you visually guide them through a maze of complicated instructions via screen shots incorporated into your video. attributes its success as a major online shoe supplier to the company’s astute use of video. Customers may explore a vast trove of videos to view every aspect of a particular shoe. Aim for nothing longer than a three to five-minute video, and keep the camera steady with a tripod, to avoid video images that bounce around. Of course, incorporating a hand-held camera will add an interesting visual effect, but use that technique sparingly.

Interacting with fans and customers. You’ve hit the viral marketing jackpot, when a customer or fan creates a fan site about your company. Even if the site’s owner originally had a beef with your firm, view this as an invitation to jump into the social-media conversation. Send a friendly thank you, and explore the possibility of improving your product, and then pursue a dialogue. Regardless of the outcome, your response may generate more traffic and encourage further conversation. Keep in mind negative publicity may actually generate a positive outcome, depending on how you handle the issue.

Bring out the head honcho. Put your president or CEO in front of the camera, instead of the guy from the marketing department. High-level engagement is crucial to building a long-term relationship with your customer base. Have him or her speak directly to your fans. This creates an ambiance similar to a friendly chat over a cup of coffee.

Whatever marketing videography approach you choose to employ, be genuine. Overdoing the promotional angle can come across as a bit crass, and may turn off consumers, who don’t appreciate having products or services shoved in their faces. Read privacy policy.

Lastly, do you include video in your marketing plan? If so, what video marketing tips do you have to share?