Video production for law firms is fundamental
65% of senior executives visit your website if you have video

As a legal marketer, there are many times that you go thru purchasing decisions. And when you do, you are online researching potential vendors. Your next clients are also online doing their research and more are watching video to help them quality firms and partners…even when they get a referral. That’s why video production for law firms is not a fad, but fundamental to your communications.

The reason that business decision-makers LOVE online B2B legal marketing videos is that video gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.  And when it comes to law firm marketing goals there is a huge opportunity to integrate B2B video production for law firms into the entire marketing communications mix – from corporate branding, to practice marketing, thought leadership, aligned with an SEO plan, into social media, partner bio pages, recruiting, diversity, pro-bono and more.

B2B video production for law firms in a traditional process

No one will argue that face-to-face interactions and personal relationships contribute to closing deals. However, these approaches are becoming less and less valuable for developing opportunities at the top of the funnel. And because selecting a law firm is such a relationship driven process, B2B video production is one of the most powerful tools for promoting the talent within a law firm. Legal marketing videos are personalized communications. They are informational, dynamic, captivating and have the ability to humanize partners in otherwise mundane legal topics.

Especially in our content driven business environment, where people have access to any information at anytime, B2B video production for law firms can impact every day sales and marketing results. That is why you have seen many law firms start using legal marketing videos. It’s simply effective in their daily sales and marketing communications. And, over the next few years, you will no doubt see B2B video production for law firms increase. It will become a line item budget investment rather than a once-off expense.

Rise of Video Production for Law Firms

Most law firm marketing has been slow at adopting digital marketing tactics; from getting their first website (or updating it to a more modern look), to using email marketing and more recently getting serious about social media. Just like those digital tactics before, B2B legal marketing videos have started off slow, but is going to rise and rise very quickly.

Aside from getting to see and hear the partners “bed-side manner”, legal marketing videos can be amortized across many digital tactics, can be used for many years and thus maintain a high R.O.I. These tangible benefits can include;

  • Ranking higher on search engines
  • Higher conversion rate of qualified leads
  • More engagement during the sales process
  • More time spent on websites
  • Increased brand awareness

Getting the most out of your legal marketing videos

In order to achieve these benefits, some ways to use and amortize an investment in B2B legal marketing videos are;

  • Integrating video into your email marketing communications
  • Adding specific videos on each industry or practice area pages of your site
  • Turning thought leadership videos into a blog post
  • Adding video to each partner’s bio pages
  • Using as social media content
  • Attaching to press releases
  • Using as support materials to get partners speaking engagements and in media outlets

There are many myths around B2B video production for law firms that stop firms from even evaluating a pilot project. For those that are looking to either get started with legal marketing videos here are a few links that will help you evaluate the best place to get started, how to budget for ongoing B2B legal marketing videos across all your communication objectives.

Integrating B2B legal marketing videos into your law firm’s business development activities will differentiate you from your competition by clearly communicating your value proposition, build relationships with viewers and motivate clients to move into and through the buying process.

What are you thoughts around this trend…is it here to stay?