Video marketing for accounting firms is still at an early-adopting phase and each firm is different in how they’re approaching video. While there are DIY options available, a video production company can fast-track you on everything you need to learn and guide you through the process, to have professional quality content and thought leadership videos. Would you ever advise your business clients to use TurboTax?

Whichever portrays you, we’ve produced a scaled-down version of a webinar titled “Demystifying Video Marketing”. This webinar summarizes the most essential things that professional services firms, like accounting and law firms, should know about video marketing.

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Why Should Accounting Firms Consider Video Marketing?

In the last five years we’ve become a nation that watches video first before reading. The reason is simple – video is easier to watch and then to understand the details than reading a lengthy text….especially with complex accounting topics.

Video marketing is about engaging the people’s will to get the information that they need, in a short period of time. In accounting marketing, your “products” are your partners, and a good way to showcase your partners is with video.  When you execute video marketing you also highlight your partner’s personality, not just their expertise.

So if you’re blogging, sending emails, or giving a presentation at a conference and you have a slide presentation, those activities are just about communicating content and should be communicating the same things that are in any video marketing project.  Video marketing for accounting firms is just about creating content that happens to be video.  Video is more powerful than text and you will realize an uptick in your business objectives when you begin to invest in video marketing for accounting firms.

How long does a video marketing video last?

One of the amazing qualities about video marketing for accountants is that it can last for a long period of time. If you are going to invest in video today, you can repurpose your content in the long run.  Most thought leadership videos, firm overview videos, or practice area marketing videos, for example, are going to last a long time and can be used all over again across your sales process and digital footprint.

video marketing

In many cases, video can work cross-functionally across multiple channels of your social media footprint. A video production company can assist you to achieve this high return on investment.

What are the 5 Main Cost Factors to Making a Video

There are plenty of ways to produce a marketing video for an accounting firm when you use a video production company.  And thus, about as many ways to invest in a marketing video for accounting firms.  But these are the five main factors that can determine how much you would invest.

  • Pre-production Time
  • Cameras and equipment
  • Time
  • Motion graphics and color correction
  • Experience of your team

The allotment of each of these can be high for one video and low for another video, but in the long run, when you use a video production company, you’ll surely have quality and professional content. I know, that’s what you and your partners deserve.

Just by example, here are two totally different budget allocation levels that you might invest in when hiring a video production company.

thought leadership videos

On the left, you only have 1 location. While the one on the right has 3 locations. So it will be obvious which video will cost more, the one with 3 locations. As you go down, you still have staff, cameras, equipment, and motion graphics, but at different levels.

When making a marketing video for an accounting firm, you should be looking to do many types of videos.  Thus spending different budget levels at different times. So,  if you’re thinking of investing in a video, try to plan a budget that is suitable for your firm, let the video production company know, and ask them to produce a great value within the proposed budget.

How Important Is A Video Content?

Every firm is going to have a different cadence for video marketing, but if your firm has not yet done, or is just started using a video production company or doing video marketing in house, then you will probably invest in video marketing on a smaller scale than those firms that have already seen the power of marketing video for their accounting firm.

You may now create videos occasionally, but you should be looking to produce monthly content.  You have many partners, you have many offices, and there are many use cases for videos like thought leadership videos.

Here are some of the use cases of a marketing video for an accounting firm.

  • Thought Leadership videos                                                                          ● Practice area overviews
  • State of the firm                                                                                                   ● Internal communications
  • Pro Bono                                                                                                                  ● Crisis communications
  • Industry report infographic videos                                                          ● Bio videos
  • Recruiting                                                                                                                ● Client Testimonials
  • Events                                                                                                                        ● Big Pitches

How does a video marketing strategy work when you have lots of videos?

To get the most out of video marketing for accounting firms, we have something that we call Video 1st marketing strategy. It starts with a video first and then pulls all the ancillary pieces of content that accounting marketers need today.

In one video, you can transcribe it and repurpose it into a blog post, social media captions, ad copy, email campaigns and web copy.  If you’re trying to get new leads to convert into clients, and you have thought leadership videos on a specific practice, you might send them before or during a meeting. Once you have these thought leadership videos, you can absolutely use them in several different ways over the next few years or all of the time.

video marketing for accounting firms

Options for Video Marketing for Accounting Firms

With this being said, you’re like, Oh, this is amazing, but I was thinking to video ourselves. Do I need a video production company?  Of course you don’t. You could always do video as you wish and in reality, we like it if our clients want to do video themselves.

But would you suggest that your professional business client use TurboTax?  They could, but would that really help them in the long run?

When you start doing more videos you will begin to understand the entire process, you’ll get better at creating videos. When you shoot your Do it Yourself content and mix in high-quality content from a video production company, that’s when video marketing really kicks in.  It’s just a matter of figuring out what goes where.

Should We Script Our Accounting Video Content?

Your partners are not actors, but they do know what they are talking about.  Which leads to the question of “To script or not to script?”

Our answer is – do not script unless it is for a teleprompter style video

In order to prepare your partners for your video marketing shoot, have them prepare a high-level outline of what they want to say.  Then get them in a position for them to be comfortable just being themselves in front of the camera.

Having an outline can help you look confident in what you’re saying and can help you express your thoughts.  In that matter, that’s what a video production company brings to the table. They’re excellent at working with people who may feel uneasy in front of the camera before and making them feel comfortable in performing.

DIY Video or Professional Video Production Company?

Each firm is different, and a video production company can certainly assist you to attain your business goals and can help you with the pre-production process up to the final output. If you’ll do it on your own, all the process, equipment, and editing will be in your hands.

Video production company

We help people feel comfortable in front of the camera and let them show their true personality. We suggest starting with some of those partners that might be a little bit younger or might not care so much as they always want challenges and new experiences. If you have those people within your organization, then you can build a use case.
Through the years, we’ve seen that it works, and slowly, people will be more eager to try video.

We’ll see you in front of the camera.