Marketing with online video has the ability to be a powerful tool for B2B sales objectives due to its ability to educate, build trust and confidence in your team, products, and services.   Since creating a roadmap for video can work to grow your sales revenue, here are 4 use cases where marketing with online video ROCKS!

1.  Demand generation/getting found on search engines

Getting ranked on Google is all about providing valued content…
Google knows that video gives people the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time and thus put more ranking weight on online video production content.  Study after study shows that online video is sought after content from C-suite executive decision-makers, middle-level influencers and consumers alike.  In addition, putting your business video production content on your website will keep people on your site longer and reduce bounce rates – other key metrics that Google uses to rank with online video

So if developing more leads by getting found on search engines is an important metric to your business then you want to consider how to use your marketing budget toward working with a video production company that will help you get the most amount of business video content to drive VSEO results.

2.  Lead generation/lead nurturing

The Internet has forever changed the way people find the resources/vendors they need, so it is mission-critical to have engaging and sought-after content at the top of the funnel.  Using online video can work to build trust and confidence during these initial phases of the sales process.

The reason that business video production works so well in driving top-of-the-funnel results, is that it can clearly communicate your value proposition and brand in a succinct manner.  Business decision-makers appreciate when you make it easy for them, so they are more motivated to contact you.  In fact, B2B video marketing content is proven to elicit action has a strong impact on generating qualified leads.  eMarketer reports that – nearly 60% of busy business executives would watch a video before reading text and that Forrester says that 52% of viewers take action after watching a video (Forrester).

Using online sales video marketing will also work to establish your company’s personality as it has the power to communicate WHO you are while HOW your company can help your customers.
Which are both are key factors in developing the foundation for business relationships.

3. Supporting/streamlining your sales process

Do you or your sales team tell your story every day?
Do you/they ever miss out on key value propositions?
Do they ever “bring the tech guy” with them to big meetings?  With professional business video marketing content, you can be sure that your message will be complete and consistent every time.  There are many everyday use cases where videos can be used before, during, and after a presentation to clearly explain your value proposition, showcase your implementation expertise so your sales team can focus on your prospect.

“I was able to incorporate video into my presentation, and at the end, I’d watch the audience reactions—they were all smiling, nodding and getting it.,” says Peter Moustakerski, Founder of Voila Chocolat who made video a staple in his sales presentation.  Moustakerski continues, “I successfully communicated the power, emotional engagement, and content of the concept within 1 minute and 26 seconds—without having to say a word…allowing me to proceed with the business side of it.”

Providing a sales team with engaging video content will differentiate your business.  Instead of that piece of paper or email, support your sales team with a B2B video that showcases the expertise hidden within your organization – from key high-level people to your back office operations and your amazing client service team.

4.  Customer support

Using video for customer support initiatives can decrease costs that will quickly flow straight to bottom-line profitability as well as increasing customer satisfaction.  These videos can be of a lower production value than videos in the marketing and sales process and can highlight your employee and customers showing relevant use cases and stories to help solve common customer issues and show new uses of your products and services.

We live in an on-demand world where “YouTube” is becoming a verb as well as an online destination to solve common problems.  Starting today to populate your business video YouTube channel will help you get a jump on your competition and build a subscriber base, a key metric in building your foundation for online video marketing.

The key takeaway is “Video can work for you to grow your business!” because video has the ability to be both a lead acquisition, sales conversion, and customer support tool which the B2B and B2C communities love to consume.  If that isn’t enough reason to get started, consider that online videos have a shelf-life of approximately 4 to 5 years.
So any investment made can be amortized across many years to come….while that content becomes more valuable to Google, your sales team, and your customers.

We’ll see you in front of the camera.