Technology and the internet have made many aspects of running and promoting a business easier than ever. This includes improvements to everything from holding meetings, tracking statistics, and even producing marketing videos. In the past, making a marketing video could rack up a great deal of time, money, and effort because of the equipment and travel often required. Fortunately, this is not always necessary these days, thanks to remote video capture or remote video recording and production. There are numerous benefits to using remote video production.

Remote Video Recording Saves Money

As mentioned, one of the largest benefits of remote video production is the money that it can save. Realistically, it is not cheap to haul equipment and staff around to a separate location to record one or multiple videos. There is the cost of the time for the staff, travel expenses, and more that need to be accounted for. Suddenly, your production costs can skyrocket.
Remote Video Recording
Using a remote video production service means that all of the shots and production will be done at the company’s home office, so they will not have to add travel, meal, or rental costs.

Saves Time

Another massive benefit of remote video recording is the time that it can save. Traveling around to interview different people or take different shots can be time consuming. Plus, there is the matter of equipment set up—which, depending on how much equipment is needed, can also take a while. This is especially true if equipment needs to be torn down and put back up at another separate shooting location. A remote video recording service will already have their equipment setup and calibrated, which means that they will be able to get right to work on a new client’s video. In addition, all of this time saved means that the video will be completed and ready to use that much faster.

Here’s a previous Remote Video Recording/Capture for our client:

Interview Availability

If a marketing video is going to contain interviews, then remote video production is often an easier way to go. This is because nailing down an interview date and time can be difficult when working with very busy individuals, or those who live in a faraway location. It is typically much easier to schedule and conduct an interview via remote filming, where the subject can choose a time and location that is convenient to them. Otherwise, there will always be concerns about travel dates and costs, which can drag out an interview that could have already been completed. There are also now several apps that can provide quality filming platforms for remote interviews.

Marketing Videos: Centralized Production

Remote video filming and production makes marketing easier and more efficient for both parties, and this is especially true for the business with marketing needs. It can be difficult to film a good-quality video while having to deal with tough terrain, access problems, or weather issues. Of course, these companies find a way to make it work, but remote video production allows them to get the perfect shot and scene for every video. They will be able to employ their own lighting, effects, sound, and other studio resources to ensure that the video will come out looking great every time.

This is also true when it comes to editing or finalizing a video, as the production company will have real time access to editing, making it easier to implement large or minute corrections on the fly. They will not have to wait for the crew to get back with footage before editing begins.

Whereas, when it comes to on location shoots, there can be delays or halts in production to fix various commuting issues that may occur. Access to centralized production once again means that everything will be streamlined and the video will be completed much faster. Time saved for the production company means money saved for businesses in need of marketing video production.

Remote Video Recording: COVID Issues

Various Covid-related issues have certainly reduced, but there are still areas where the pandemic can pose difficulties. There may be some companies who pride themselves on their Covid-related safety policies that need to be followed or there may be certain regulations that are required to be followed in business sectors, like food or health. This can pose some difficulty when it comes to filming—for example, if there is a problem having multiple people in a smaller space or people working too close together. Or, for interviews, some people may not be comfortable being in close proximity for filming an interview. Of course, there are ways to adapt to these various regulations and policies, but remote video production makes it an irrelevant issue, as videos can be filmed and interviews conducted without having to worry about these factors.

Remote Video Production Is Increasing in Use

The idea of producing a remote marketing video may seem foreign, but it is becoming a much more commonly used and preferred method of marketing. Some companies may be on the fence about it at first, but after trying it, they should realize that it is much easier and affordable for their needs. Previously, producing marketing videos was difficult for some companies because of its exorbitant cost or effort required. With remote video production, the possibility opens up for companies of all sizes and budgets. Realistically, competitive pricing and availability may eventually push remote video marketing to the preferred method over traditionally shot on site videos.

MultiVision Digital Can Help Bring Your Marketing Video to Life

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