Podcasts are now an effective way to establish thought leadership expertise. That is why many brands, small businesses and executives have jumped on the podcasting bandwagon. So how do you continue to differentiate your podcast and gain market recognition, ears, downloads and leads to your business? Video production is your answer. Creating video marketing content while recording your podcast gives you more areas to distribute that thought leadership expertise because online video content has more uses than just podcasting.

Recording online video content will not only give you the audio portion to podcast, but the visuals so you can show people who you are vs. just a voice. When you invite influencers on to your podcast, with video, you can cut and post clips on sites like Twitter and Facebook and take still shots from the video and use them for Instagram posts. Doing this lets you have numerous websites / social media outlets for you to continue to gain followers and popularity while also expanding yourself as a professional, a media persona, and as someone who is known for thought leadership.

A Word on the Growth of Podcasting

Podcasting production has grown from niche to mainstream very quickly. “The podcast industry is exploding in popularity. It’s grown 23% between 2015 and 2016, and continues a rapid pace of adoption this year. Many people look to thought-leadership discussions in podcasts to expand their knowledge,” said Michelle Flores, of Good2BSocial a social media marketing company focused on the legal industry [http://good2bsocial.com/law-firm-podcasts-vs-videos/]

Making a podcast and building listeners is fairly simple, yet competitive. Using a microphone and basic editing tools, anyone can create a recording. When you are first starting out, it is fine to use a basic microphone that comes with your cell-phone but once you start developing an audience, you should make sure your audio is of higher quality. Using an independent microphone is a really smart idea. Once you have the ability to record quality audio, or video marketing content, the key is to maintain professional consistency and topics that are of interest to your target audience. The secret to an exceptional podcast is not just good audio, but the content.

Podcasting, as well as video marketing content, needs personality and be well presented and consistent in terms of timing and basic messaging. That means you will need to put some thought into the types of guests your target audience will care about and the questions that you ask to your guests. For example, if you’re in charge of legal marketing at a New York law firm, not every question might focus on a legal topic or be New York City based. Keep things interesting as your personality will allow the podcast to be listened to more, shared and have your audience grow. If you are a yoga instructor, video podcasting is phenomenal because, instead of just speaking about how you live a healthy lifestyle, you can show it in your video.

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Layering Online Video Production to your Podcast

“…You have useful information to share, an idea to spread, or a worthy endeavor to promote…” writes Guy Alvarez, President of Good2BSocial http://good2bsocial.com/podcasting-tools/ on the reasons behind podcasting. Letting your personality shine is a fun and great way to stay social by allowing you to network and build a wide knowledge base. Thus, with these core podcast tactics polished, adding online video production to the mix will allow you to expand the distribution channels by giving you more content. This is also a great way to get the most out of podcasting financially since adding video multiplies where you post your content allowing you to multiply your audience for a fraction of the cost.

Creating video marketing content from your podcast can add a sense of humanization and a deeper connection for audiences. It also adds a new layer of entertainment for those who enjoy watching videos over listening to podcasts. Online video production podcasts are sometimes more entertaining as well as informative… it’s like a new wave of talk radio!

Distributing your Podcasts and Video Content

There are a lot of podcast platforms out there that can be chosen to distribute your podcast. Libsyn and Soundcloud are useful platforms which are reliable and supply you with a unique URL and allow you to submit your podcast to iTunes and Stitcher. For the video portion of your podcast, there is YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, LinkedIn and an ever growing number of sites that users are visiting on a daily basis. Since YouTube continues to be the #2 search engine, having your content there can generate traffic back to your podcast, blog or website to increase your subscribers.

Once you have video marketing content, you can leverage that content in many ways like emails, blogs and social media postings. Going back to our example of legal marketing at a New York law firm, you can add those videos to partner bio pages. Since the use of online video production is still quite low, there wouldn’t be a tremendous amount of competition for you.


Why Create Video Marketing Content

We all have more to do and never enough time. Thus makes being productive and efficient, with whichever marketing tactic you choose, of upmost importance. Having online video production, when creating podcasts, makes your time more efficient and productive. With all the time you put into scheduling guests, prepping them and interviewing them, you now have more content to use across many more channels.

It is also a way to differentiate from the crowd and put your personality front and center. And circling back to our person that does legal marketing at a New York law firm, it is a great way to showcase the partners at your firm. What other marketing tactic other than video marketing content can visually put your partners in front of prospective clients time and time again?

What has your experience been with podcasting or video? Give us your thoughts in the comment box below. We’ll be seeing you in front of the camera!