I’m often out at networking events in New York City talking to people about some of the things that our video production company in New York does.  When they get some interest in what we do they say, “I want this simple marketing video production…,” and they go on to tell me exactly what they want to SEE in their video.  They explain to me the shots and the visuals they want.  After they are done explaining this to me, I politely ask them what their key messages are. What are their sales goals and value propositions they have for the project.  And after I ask that, they generally go silent… It’s important to realize what matters when investing in services that provide corporate video production in New York.

The objective of this blog post is to convey the most important, and overlooked part, about any marketing video production.  It isn’t the cameras or equipment – it’s the messaging. So, make sure you’re aware of this when you start investing in companies that do corporate video production in New York.

When planning a corporate overview promotional video project with one of the many New York production companies, stay focused on the messaging and the goals. What objectives do you want to communicate?  Imagine you have someone standing in front of you…what would you say and how would you phrase it?  After you make these decisions, your marketing video production services company will help you figure out what types of visuals are best going to fit your message and also your budget.

Video Marketing Companies have experience to maximize your budget – Corporate Video Production in New York

This is where the skill sets and experiences of one of the many New York production companies are helpful; they have the knowledge and experience to execute on marketing video production.  Your budget will determine the amount of days you allocate to a video marketing company to work on your project.  It also determines the types of cameras, equipment, and accessories they will use to create your corporate video production.  Places like New York are often more challenging than other locations. So, if you’re planning to hire a video production company in New York it is important to talk to experienced organizations to plan and execute your messaging and key value propositions.

Each marketing video production project applies to a specific message and point in the sales funnel.  Which is why, by starting with the exact business goals and messaging, it’s easy to put the pieces together for what type of content you typically use in your sales and marketing process…leading to the visuals you should be seeing to support your message.  Keep your messaging clear, succinct, and compelling. There are many video marketing companies that will nail the technical and visual aspects of your video.

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The Diversity of Cameras for Different Budget Levels

The many shapes and sizes of New York Production Companies

If you are thinking of working with one of the many New York production companies you should know that they do not all make videos the same way.  Video marketing companies can produce videos with many different styles and budget ranges.  And this is a good thing as not all video content marketing investments should be the same.

For example, the budget for a corporate overview promotional video should be much higher than FAQ videos.  A corporate overview promotional video will typically be the first thing that prospects look at. Consequently, they should be very polished – so more time (thus budget) and effort should go into making it.  FAQ videos answer common questions in the sales process. This often means you have a relationship with the prospect so you can produce a quality video with a smaller budget.

When deciding on a budget level for your next project involving corporate video production in New York, you should consider a couple factors. Where in the buying cycle will that video be and how long will that video last? Many evergreen videos like a corporate overview promotional video should last for 4 to 5 years (and that one of the two main reasons on “Why you should invest in B2B sales video production for your business“.)

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