This year even more companies will establish their B2B video content marketing strategy and engage with a video marketing agency.  Business video marketing content and B2B sales video helps clearly communicate what the customer wants to know in order to move to the next stage of the process.  A recent report done by Diode Digital revealed that online video is 600% more effective as a marketing tool compared to the combined output of print and direct mail advertising.  WOW, that’s a huge difference!  

Other leading market sources like Cisco, eMarketer, Forbes, Wistia, Wyzowl and more, have statistically proven that promotional video is here to stay and gives marketers an advantage over other forms of content.  For example, 

  • 81% of marketers say promotional video has helped them generate leads (Wyzowl)
  • 73% of B2B marketers say video has positively impacted their ROI (Tubular Insights)
  • 65% of executives have gone to the marketer’s site and 39% have called them on the phone after watching a marketing video (Forbes)
  • 75% of all video plays are on mobile devices (eMarketer)
  • On average, people spend 2.6x more time on pages with video than without (Wistia)

And while stats are one way of looking at the impact of business video marketing content, there are many soft advantages as well –  

  • Promotional video elicits action has a strong impact in generating qualified leads
  • Video builds trust and confidence during key stages of your sales process
  • Video plays an important role throughout the purchase funnel –  from initial interest to consideration through to final purchase.

Still not convinced? Check out this video on 2 ROCKSTAR reasons to invest in business video marketing and B2B sales videos for your business.

Because video marketing is very different from marketing with other forms of content, many companies will leverage the skill sets of a video marketing agency to support core B2B revenue and marketing goals.  A video marketing agency knows their way around video.  They know how to get the most out of your budget and how to multi-purpose your video content across many channels.  

To get the most out of any B2B video marketing or B2B sales video project, it should not be a stand-alone tactic, but one that should be integrated into your overall marketing and sales process.  So, whether you are leveraging the skills of a video marketing agency or doing video in-house, the first step to launching any B2B video marketing project is to start looking at your sales value propositions and business strategy.  

What does a B2B video content marketing strategy look like?  Check out this video – 

Just like your traditional B2B sales process, your B2B video marketing strategy should showcase the people, personalities and expertise in your organization to build trust and relationships at every stage of the sales funnel.

So regardless of hiring a video marketing agency or doing video in-house, here are 7 ways to kickstart your B2B video marketing strategy.

7 Ways to Kickstart your B2B Video Marketing Strategy

When clients first land on your website, you’ll want to have a library of videos that introduces what your company does, your value proposition, and about your products and services. 

  1. What is easy to explain in person but not online?

Explaining things in person allows for there to be a human connection between you and the client.  However, presenting your information online can be tricky, especially if you are not there to support all the visuals you have on your site and explain your process as you would in person.

A few examples of things that could be confusing for your clients are:

  • How does a product or technology work?
  • What is your process and how do you make it relatable to your clients?
  • Where should the client get started and where should they move next?
  • Technical details

    By getting in front of the camera, video provides the opportunity for you to concisely and visually explain things while maintaining the human-relationship aspect between you and the client.

  • What are the FAQs that most prospects have that need to be repeated?

Sales representatives have the task of explaining the FAQs of their business’ products/services. However, this procedure can be repetitive and monotonous.  You know the most common FAQs that your prospects have for each product and service category.  Typically, prospects will ask these over the course of a buying process.

  • How does the product work?
  • What are the use case applications?
  • What benefits does the product have?
  • How much does it cost?

Get a camera and have your technical team answer these questions to provide valuable content for your next sale.

  1. Who do salespeople “bring with them” to big meetings and what value do they add to sales teams?

When salespeople attend big meetings, they aim to build trust and credibility relationships for all parties involved.  So take the FAQ videos you have created and use them before and after big meetings.  By doing so, your prospects will watch your FAQ videos to get informed and educated directly from your technical team.

By translating the in-person question and answering that goes on during big meetings, your prospects will hear your messaging multiple times from the technical people that they are getting to know in the sales process.  Moreover, if you have a large sales force, your message will be the same all the time as they explain hard-to-understand concepts to help move their prospects through the sales process.

  1. What products/services do you want to sell more of?

Are you launching a new product or service, improving one or just want to sell more of it?  If so, you are likely going to allocate more resources towards selling more of this product/service.  That means brochures, marketing material, sales efforts, trade shows and other means….don’t forget your videos.  

Especially if your product or service is new…people will have to understand its value quickly.  And if you sell through a sales force, with video you won’t have to worry about them saying things wrong…they just need to play the video.

So, instead of creating a paper library or brochures that no one will read, create a series of videos that explain, nurture and educate your next customer thru the sales process.

  1. What industries do you want to become a leader in? 

When your business strategy focuses on a certain industry, you need to create content that is specific to that industry.  The same business strategy applies to video.  Creating video marketing content that appeals to this target audience is where thought leadership videos come into play.  With thought leadership videos you can present vital information specific to the needs of that industry.  Some thought leadership videos include:

  • Current Industry Trends
  • Data Statistics
  • New technologies 
  • Research finding 
  • Technical aspects / findings

Since business models and trends are rapidly changing, it is important to create a consistent amount of thought leadership videos providing up-to-date knowledge of the industry you can operate in.

  1. When a prospect first comes to my website, what’s the first thing they should immediately know?

Think about what the first few pages of your PowerPoint presentation communicates.  Take these key messages and create a corporate presentation that highlights these things.

This promotional video should be the opening to building trust with prospects, so it’s important to give them a professional video communication.  If they are not impressed with it, they might not connect with you in favor of a competitor.  This is where a video marketing agency comes in to support your core business objectives of lead conversion. 

  1. What are some other aspects of your company that customers value?

It’s important to realize that one video is NOT a video marketing strategy.  As your business grows, consider the following types of content you can create over time.

  • Diversity & Inclusion 
  • Nonprofits that you support 
  • Pro-bono work that you do
  • Year-End Accomplishments
  • Employee recognition
  • Quarterly/Annual Performance
  • Events that you hold

Why Use a Video Marketing Agency to Build a B2B Video Content Marketing Strategy

One of the reasons for using a video marketing agency to produce video are the skills they bring to the table.  You want your promotional video to be polished so it gives you the ROI you are looking for.  Done right, a video will become more valuable over time. And as more people watch, engage, and share your video, the more credible it becomes to digital marketing efforts. 

And, if you focus on creating more evergreen content a typical business video marketing content should last you about four years!  Just imaging the return on investment you will have when you use your B2B sales videos week in and week out over the next four years…how much would that support your marketing and sales metrics like lead conversion and funnel development?

Next time you look to invest in marketing or sales support materials, consider calling a video marketing agency to help you with your business video marketing project. Business video is the most powerful online marketing medium to generate qualified leads and move prospects through the sales process.

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