Having a business video strategy for online video production content informs and builds trust with buyers.  And it does this easier, quicker, and more effectively than any other marketing tactic out there.  If you’re looking to get prospects to convert into leads and drive them through the buying cycle, then there are three sales promotional video projects that your business needs.  The three online video production projects are –

  • Product/service overview videos
  • FAQ videos, and
  • Case study video or video testimonials

Exploring Philadelphia sales promotional video projects

For most firms, their business video strategy for online video production usually starts with a corporate overview sales promotional video.  But just like you have information on all your products and services, you should have specific videos for each of these important areas.  With a business video strategy, these sales promotional videos can fill the top of the funnel.

These sales promotional videos should give a high-level understanding of the type of things you do for each product or service you have.  Buyers need to understand specific benefits, processes, and ways that these work and why that’s important to them.  Just like you might have a separate webpage or brochure sheet for each product or service group. The same business video strategy should be planned for your online video production projects.

The second online video production project that every business needs are FAQ videos.  If you are selling B2B products or services then people are eventually going to engage you in person.  And when they do, they will ask you questions.

You probably hear the same core questions coming up over and over, from buyer to buyer.  Therefore, these questions and answers can become FAQ videos to produce and give to buyers.  They will continually go back to your website to get this information in order to make buying decisions.

If you’re a salesperson reading this, get your organization to create FAQ videos using corporate video services. Use the people that you bring with you to meetings that support your investment in video content. For example, your technical team, your backend support, your implementation team, and your customer service department are all valuable to have on video. These people have the answers that your customers are looking for in order to make buying decisions. In addition, it gets your team out in front of your prospects earlier in the process.  This level of familiarity builds important relationship bridges that are so key to driving business-to-business sales.

Video Testimonials

The final type of sales promotional video that every business needs are a case study and /or video testimonials.  Marketing and sales teams tell stories every day.  So why not have your client do this with a video testimonial.

There is a reason why Hubspot reports that video testimonials are among the 4 most common types of videos.  Video testimonials will add credibility to your company about the success that you have had for a specific industry group or a specific type of customer.  Your business video strategy should aim to produce more than video testimonial, just like you will have many FAQ videos.  Produce them on a consistent basis so buyers can find them when they visit any page on your website.  You never know when a prospective customer will be looking for that information.  In addition, video testimonials and case study video makes great sales support material because people tend to watch more than they read.

sales video

There you have three sales videos that every business needs so you can get started with your business video strategy for online video production.  If you have some ideas roaming in your head, we’d love to hear them in the comment box below.

If you’re looking for some more information about business video strategy or pricing for online video production projects like a sales promotional video, FAQ videos or video testimonials, click here or give us a call at 646-319-8609 and we’ll be seeing you in front of the camera.