As we adapt to COVID-19, many B2B businesses are continuing to expand their B2B online marketing strategy by creating animated explainer videos by leveraging the expertise of explainer video production companies.  It is because animated explainer videos are one of the most effective parts of a B2B online marketing strategy to convert leads and drive sales. 

Since B2B animated explainer videos give the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time, you will be able to educate your prospects faster so they consider working with you over your competitors. 

Explainer video creators have known for a long time that animated explainer videos increase conversion rates by 20%, according to Unbounce reporting.  Thus, using animated explainer videos as part of a B2B online marketing strategy will build your online presence and can strengthen your core business objectives like ranking on search engines (SEO), qualified lead conversion, open and click thru rates in email marketing, and social media.  

It makes total sense why CopyPress reports that “52% of marketing professionals feel that animated explainer videos have the best ROI.”  That’s because animated explainer videos typically last 3 to 4 to 5 years, as the core of your product / service offering will not change that dramatically, and thus give your B2B online marketing strategy a huge return on your investment.

B2B corporate explainer animation videos are awesome because of their versatility to be used across a variety of digital platforms and communication objectives. These videos can be used across your website, social media, and other B2B marketing campaigns to help nurture your clients through your sales process.

When you leverage the skill sets of explainer video production companies you will get a video animation that contains motion graphic characters, objects, and settings to tell a story that resonates with the viewing prospect. Here are 5 Types of explainer animation videos that professional explainer video production companies can implement into your B2B online marketing strategy today, that do not require on-location video shoots.

 1)  B2B Corporate Explainer Animation Videos   

When creating B2B animated videos, you need to think about the types of content that will explain your services and processes in a simple easy manner. Here are three B2B video communication objectives to consider when creating your explainer animation video:

  • Who are you? (About Us Section)
  • How your products and services work and benefit your customers.
  • Hard to explain processes

Each of these three B2B video communication objectives can be fulfilled by incorporating these videos on your website to engage your clients to be more educated about your services.

Viewers enjoy watching animated videos, because of their ability to visually explain common scenarios or challenges the prospects may face when running their business. 

2)  Sizzle Reel Videos

Sizzle reel videos are great tools to showcase aspects of your past work, service, people, and value proposition in a very short amount of time. Sizzle reel videos usually include motion graphics along with a high energy soundtrack to enhance the visual experience.

Sizzle reel videos are a fantastic way to

  • Add excitement to the start of a big meeting
  • Establish credibility in your industry
  • Showcase client success
  • Highlight a vast amount of work in a short amount of time
  • Use to tag clients in social media that drives high engagement

There are many aspects of every industry that offer huge opportunities to create compelling sizzle reel videos for content marketing. Customers and prospects want to be WOW’ed and excited and sizzle reels are one way of doing that.

3)  Infographic Videos for Thought Leadership

To stand out from business competitors you’ll want to present yourself as a thought leader within your industry by explaining hard to understand concepts.  People are searching for answers to their questions and infographic videos for thought leadership objectives are fantastic because you can build trust with your clients who will see you as an experienced professional in the field. 

When creating infographic videos for thought leadership, you’ll want to consider the type of information your clients and partners want to know.  If you’re not sure where to get started, just approach one of the many explainer video production companies to help you out.  But here are some starting points for thinking about where an infographic video for thought leadership objectives can stem from – 

  • Current Industry Trends
  • Statistics
  • Industry Data
  • Quarterly/Annual Reports

Since more people are searching for information online, they are primarily searching for video content since video provides the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time. By compiling your knowledge and statistics into an infographic video, more people will be able to get the information they need to make quicker decisions.

Presenting yourself a unique thought leader will help support your credibility as an experienced professional in your industry.

4)  Use Remote Video Production with Stock Footage

In a COVID-19 economy, on location video production has been significantly mitigated, thus the need to adopt remote video production services.  With remote video production, firms can continue to create many types of video and expand their B2B online marketing strategies.  And, one of the most effective online marketing strategy businesses are currently implementing to convert leads and drive sales is making a B2B animated explainer videos with a live person and stock footage. 

Stock footage can be used to provide context as to what you are discussing to visually explain your scenario that can resonate with the viewer. By utilizing stock footage, you are able to create a relevant narrative that explains your services and processes to convert more leads into sales. 

Including the human element of an animated video is crucial, because it helps build trust with the audience so they understand that they’re not just watching a vague cartoon, but an actual business professional.  The value of remote video production gives you a cost-effective solution of using your smartphone, with the direction of an explainer video creator, to record videos of yourself while overlapping stock footage to create a coherent story.

A few examples of stock footage in remote video production include:

  • Thought leadership videos
  • FAQ videos
  • Sales videos that explain concepts
  • Product videos

Synergizing the human element with animated graphics, you will gain the audience’s attention who will be more engaged to listen to your narrative and thus drive sales.  While stock footage can be valuable assets to use in animated explainer videos, if you don’t have experience in selecting stock footage you will want to solicit the expertise of one of the many animated explainer video creators.  They have the knowledge to ensure your video will connect visually with your audience and build that human relationship so they feel they are not just watching generic stock pictures moving across the screen. 

5)  Animated Videos with Stock Pictures

If you don’t have the budget to source stock footage, then a cheaper option will be stock images.  Rather than finding generic stock photos on Google, you’ll want to include relevant pictures that clearly showcase your business team and the accomplishments you have done to build your brand. 

The same methodology of creating an animated video with stock footage applies so you should seek the guidance of one of the many explainer video production companies.

Summary of Animated Explainer Videos in Your B2B Online Marketing Strategy

Video is an important part of a B2B online marketing strategy, animated explainer videos allow you to create story-driven content that engages prospects and drives business objectives including lead generation, awareness and sales.

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