It’s 2022, and the polls are officially in: people are definitely watching more videos than they are reading articles. While it may be overwhelming for some companies to begin creating online video marketing content, it can also be an imperative step in reaching your audience directly. If you’re facing some challenges with your marketing campaign, you’re not alone. These changes have occurred quickly over a relatively short period of time, so there’s a lot of room to grow.

If you need to know more about making videos, you’re in the right place! Let’s hit some of the very common and most important reasons your video marketing might feel like an uphill battle. If you consider and correct these simple mistakes, you’re likely to see a decent increase in your all-around site traffic.

Four Huge Mistakes In Online Video Marketing Strategies

Having an unclear core message in your online video marketing

Have a clear online video marketing message

The very first thing you should do before undertaking a video marketing campaign is define your goals. When you know exactly what you are, why you’re making content, and what you want to say with it, it’s a lot easier to confidently apply yourself to your audience’s viewing sphere. Your content should be able to tell a story: a story of you, your business, what you offer, and why your consumers need it. 

Picture yourself as an average viewer who knows nothing about your company and try to imagine what you’d want them to feel upon seeing your videos. Take as many alternate perspectives as you can and utilize them while you create unique and engaging content that supports your core messages. 

Don’t make your videos too long. It can be too tempting for your viewers to click away if the video is longer than 90 seconds. It’s a blessing and a curse, but the truth is the attention span of your average netizen is quite short. They don’t want to hang around for so long. Present your information clearly and grab their focus as much as you can by using engaging language or trends.

Posting in only one place without SEO optimization

There are people on every platform and–more often than not–they’re scrolling, watching advertisements on youtube, and consuming content left and right. When you can insert yourself on several platforms, you increase the likelihood of your marketing campaign being viewed across all boards by a large percentage. Once more people start watching, your name starts to filter into the algorithms that much more, and it becomes a snowball process. It all begins with ensuring your content can be accessed on several different platforms. 

SEO for online video marketing

Years ago, it made perfect sense to place your content on your site for those who are interested, and that was that! Unfortunately, it’s no longer that simple. Your competition is everywhere and they’re probably making video content. Do what you can to make sure your name pops up before your competitors. 

You’re going to want to ensure that you’ve utilized search engines to their full potential by optimizing your keywords, especially for corporate video content. This ensures that you’ll pop up closer to number one on the search results and anyone who is looking for your product or service is likely to stumble across your information. 

Use tags, metadata, and attention-grabbing titles that are hyperlinked and clickable. This can be a tedious yet simple task, as it does require a little bit of understanding of how to acquire the data. Once you’ve got it, all you have to do is incorporate it. Working with an agency can be great for this since they’re trained in these processes, but there’s a lot of content available that can help you learn. 

Having the wrong tonality for your target audience

You should have a basic understanding of who your target audience is, and your content should be at least remotely tailored to their pain points and desires. It’s no surprise that you’ll have higher success rates if you can appeal to the people who already need what you’re selling. Make sure you review your own data to get a clear idea of who you’re pitching to and take your time to really understand how and where it all applies. That’s when you’ll have a better idea of how to address your audience. 

Many businesses produce online video marketing content just to have the content and don’t put enough thought into the video-making process. This actually only understates the potentiality of the huge gain that’s possible when your video marketing is done correctly. Pair this with a good call to action and you’re well on your way. 

Video marketing strategy

Now that you understand your audience, make sure you create the right tone. If you hit them with something too high-pitched or “sales-y,” you run the risk of being automatically overlooked and dismissed as just another pesky ad. A common strategy in 2022 is to create video content that looks like everyday average user content before revealing the service at play mid-video. This gets people to stay for long enough to be invested before they even see your name or service. If selling on social media is your go-to, research common trends and try to incorporate them. Whatever route you choose, be sure to tailor your content to your audience without taking a tone that is too harsh or straight-forward.

Lacking consistency and a coherent strategy

For you to show up on the algorithms consistently, you need to be posting on a fixed basis. Having little to no continuity in your videos for marketing can be a huge reason your campaign was a flop: you posted two to four videos for people to refer to as needed, but you didn’t get the site traffic to actually get them onto the content. When you’re pumping out videos and they’re SEO optimized, your site traffic will increase. When you present clickable links regularly, and those links have videos that are easy to watch, you catch the people who are googling and scrolling in real-time and increase your revenue in real-time.

A cohesive strategy involves tying your content together in an intentional and clear manner. Make sure your videos have consistent energy both visually and in your audio. This can ensure that people who come across your content correlate it all together and ultimately correlate your video content with your business name and call to action. This makes your campaign stand out much more in their mind, which makes it all a little more bulletproof.  

Consistently Create Successful Online Video Marketing Videos

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Video is quickly becoming the best way to present your information to the public, and we’re here to help you learn the ropes. Nothing comes close to the functionality of a well-designed video communications project. We’ve got you covered for your blog posts, internal communications, client testimonials, thought leadership, and more! 

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