Across every aspect of professional services, for years traditional networking and advertising methods have been representing a smaller percentage of how new client relationships get started.  Which makes attorney video production, legal video production and attorney video marketing critical to winning new business opportunities.

Attorney video production

While new clients prefer watching attorney marketing video than reading text early in the research stages, attorneys LOVE attorney video production as well because it has many tangible benefits and can be leveraged across many digital marketing tactics.

Some of the direct benefits you will see from your attorney video production project include:

  • Higher lead conversion rates from online searches
  • Increased lead conversions from referrals
  • More time spent on webs pages (a key Google algorithm metric)
  • Showcasing partners’ human side
  • More engagement on social channels like LinkedIn
  • Increased brand awareness
Attorney video marketing

While lawyers will continue to meet clients in face-to-face personal interactions to build relationships, attorney video marketing and legal video production will contribute to new client engagements.  In addition to top of the funnel casework while traditional sources decline.

In today’s economy, clients are on the lookout for attorney video production. 

We’ve grown up watching video on television and we’re comfortable in our consumer lives making purchase decisions by watching video. Our consumer behavior drives our business behavior. Video marketing for lawyers is one of the most effective online ways to convert leads and build trust in new client casework.

3 Ways to Make an Investment in Attorney Video Marketing

Video saves clients time in evaluating you. It gives them more information than reading as it provides visuals that text/images just don’t provide.

There are three ways that law firms can approach doing their legal video production project, from lower to higher quality investments.

  • Do it yourself video production
  • Hire a video production firm that has a remote video recording solution
  • Hire a professional video production company for an on-location shoot

Each of these options will give you video content that can be amortized across many digital tactics for many years to come.

With an array of prosumer video cameras, smartphones with cameras that shoot 4k, and cheap accessible equipment, everyone can be a video producer. Therefore, producing your own legal video production content has become much easier than it ever has been.  If this is the route for your firm to start legal video production, rather than hiring a professional video production company, here is a FREE guide called 5 Tips to Look Your Best on Camera that provides some valuable tips for do-it yourselfers.

Tip #1 – Align Video to Your Business Objective

Tip #2 – Focus on 3 Bullet Points

Tip #3 – Get in the Mindset of Talking with a Client

Tip #4 – Proper Framing

Tip #5 – Proper Clothing

Bonus Tip – Smile and have fun!

It takes time to gain experience in producing a quality legal video production, so you want to ensure that you produce a video that professionally reflects your organization. So you might want to consider starting with a video production company before going it alone. Once you gain expertise, then you can balance your internal DIY content with a professional video production company.  The great news is that you SHOULD be producing your own video.

Attorney video marketing is about creating a consistent flow of video content.  Some of the videos that are great for a DIY approach are:

  • Social Media Videos
  • Commentary of a seminar or trade show
  • Videos for recruiting sites
  • Company events / celebrations

There is no exact answer for what the ratio for DIY and professional video is as every firm will be different.  Select a few people in your firm to handle the logistics. Evaluate as time goes on to discover what works best for your budget, quality, and frequency.  Once you find a pattern that works, you’ll be able to do the smaller projects in the house. Leave the bigger video projects to professional video production company.

Leverage Remote Video Production

Remote video production has become popular these days. It decreases the investment involved in producing attorney video marketing content.  Eliminating the on-location pre-production, equipment set-up and break down, and having an on-location video production crew.

In any economy, remote video production solutions are a fantastic way to create quality video content like thought leadership videos, FAQ videos, and testimonial videos.

Any type of video that is driven by a talking head, does not require lots of Broll footage of the location or action shots of people working, is great for remote video production.  If you’re trying to save money from on-location shoots, remote video production gives your attorney video marketing plans the ability to cost-effectively expand your online marketing presence with video.

The value of remote video production gives you a cost-effective solution. Using your smartphone, with the direction video creator, to record videos of yourself and include text on the screen, charts, graphs and stock footage to create a coherent business communication.

NOTE: remote video production is not a solution for firm overview videos, client case studies and practice area videos.  Because they are among your most prominent pieces of content and deem a higher quality level and investment in the time and equipment.

Hiring a Professional Video Production Company

Attorneys are a professional service and so is a video production company.  Just as your clients don’t see most of the research, preparation, and expertise that go into how you handle their case. Many people overlook how much goes into making a quality attorney video production project beyond the cameras and equipment.

While many lawyers are great in front of clients and in the courtroom, performing in front of the camera can be a challenging and even humbling experience.  Therefore, if you don’t have experience with making videos, it’s a good idea to solicit the expertise of a professional video production company.

They have the knowledge and expertise to:

  • Ensure your message is clear and on point
  • Allow you to visually connect with your audience so you appear open, re-assuring, and human
  • Create a set that is visually appealing with proper lighting and framing
  • Edit the video so it ends up being as professional as your office, your clothing and your other marketing materials

But like any professional service, the perfect secret sauce is getting the message of your video.

Legal Video Production

There is a common, and a mistaken belief that hiring a professional video production company is a huge investment.  This deters some firms from taking advantage of this vital resource.  But there’s not just one investment bracket for law firm video marketing – just as there are varied individual budgets for cars, houses, and furniture.

However, there are five main areas that will drive the cost up or down when working with a video production company.

People from solo entrepreneurs to global companies leverage video towards a solid return on investment. Each firm has its own approach, quality level, budget and cadence…..What is important is to find a level that fits for you.


Having legal video marketing assets is about responding to what people are looking for. Video content is often the first thing that prospective clients seek when they go on a search for solutions to their problems.  Chances are visitors are going to view your video before anything else available online.

Integrating video content into your law firm’s website and digital footprint will differentiate you. Clearly communicate your value proposition. You should build relationships with viewers and motivate clients to move into the buying process.

We’ll see you in front of the camera!