If you think watching online video is only for Millenials, guess again.  More and more business executives are relying on B2B video production to get them the information they need to make decisions.  Even though the current percentage of business executives is low, it is on the rise due to all of us watching more and more online video marketing content.  In fact, one-third, of ALL online activity is spend watching videos*.  That’s 30% of all consumption online which is a lot! 

And while most of those videos have been on the business to consumer side (B2C), our personal lives are driving our business (B2B) behavior.  Add in the fact that many senior executives have their younger colleages, who LOVE and gravitate to online video marketing content before reading, do their research; it is no wonder why B2B video production is an excellent medium to convert browsers into leads.  Video can tell your business’ story and generate new business opportunities like no other digital marketing medium….and that’s why commercial video production in New York is on the rise.

Here at MultiVision Digital, a video marketing agency in New York, we make B2B videos that resonate with various business objectives.  Our professional video service collaborates with clients to ensure they invest in the right commercial video production in New York and/or other geographic areas.  Since our inception, we have delivered over 750 videos that have spanned the spectrum of skill sets of professional video services.  Our staff is passionate about creating engaging customer experiences that help your business communicate and generate sales.  We’ve worked with solo-entrepreneurs to global Fortune 500 companies across almost every industry.

We are proud that our business video production company in New York has created videos to increase awareness, generate leads, answer questions, build brand awarness, improve thought leadership and increase customer satisfaction.  To get to these we follow a solid process to deliver professional video services to various clients.  Clients who are looking for a video marketing agency in New York demand a lot, we have a full suite of turn-key services that include scripting, planning, storyboarding, talent, and editing.

Our business video production company in New York includes a talented team of interactive marketing professionals, producers, editors and animators leverage deep expertise in interactive marketing and video production with a real world understanding to drive quantifiable results.

Our Business Video Production Clients rely on us to

  • Maintain a high-level of quality & customer service
  • Get them back more value than the what they invest
  • Produce for them a wide range of videos for all their business objectives
  • Produce for them a wide range of videos that include various skill sets like – talking head, green screen, sales, recruiting, animation, product video, case study, etc
  • Plan complex, multi day / location / camera shoots to simple business video projects
  • Work in their budget and still produce quality professional work
  • Collaborate with them to make the most efficient and productive use out of their budget
  • Make their talent always look and sound great in front of the camera

Regardless of the size or industry, these companies needed a trusted resource to ensure their B2B video production is on time, on budget and achieved the business objectives they were after. 

To voice their satisfaction, our clients have left us reviews on Clutch, a B2B ratings and review platform. With 15 reviews and counting, we have received a 4.9-star rating and are listed as a top 10 commercial video production company in New York!  Needless to say we are SUPER proud and want to thank all of our clients for helping us get this far!  (In addition to Clutch, we have been featured on one of its sister sites, The Manifest, which is a company list blog.)

B2B video production

One of our most recent client reviews was from a live-action and animated video for a digital marketing company. We produced the promotional video after processing feedback on their messaging and planned the shoot to create a recruiting video that clearly communicated their culture and worklife.  A former director for the digital marketing company said “…the video enabled the company to recruit talent and raise brand awareness.”

We love to see that our video marketing agency in New York creates videos that help our clients so much!  So, THANK YOU to all of clients for the recognition as a top commercial video production company in New York. 

And, if you are looking for a business video production company that has a turn-key professional service that covers all the bases when it comes to B2B video production, look no further.  Give us a call and sit back and enjoy the results without worry.  We would love to work with you! View our B2B video production portfolio to learn more about our services and get in touch.