Utilize All Your Video Content!

Think about it: you put a lot of work into your videos! Thought, time, money, you name it – you’ve done a lot to make sure your brand has the right kind of visibility. Video content brings your words and concepts to life. When you’ve got old clips collecting dust, there are a handful of awesome ways you can get a little more usage out of them. 

There’s no need to let all that hard work go to waste. When you repurpose your content, you’re able to fortify your marketing campaign without having to spend money on new content every other season. You will be able to easily strengthen your message by constantly reinforcing it to your viewers. And most importantly, the resources you’ve already devoted to your video making will all be dollars and moments well spent. 

Let’s dive into some easy ways to stretch the rewards of your video making endeavors into other areas. After reading, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to repurpose your video content! 

Convert your longer video making sessions into shorter social media posts

This simple hack can take an old video that didn’t get a lot of views and turn it into an attention-grabbing headline. Put important information in the captions in quick and snappy sentences, and stick to the basics. Make it fun with emojis, or quote the video word-for-word. 

Adding subtitles or text animations can be a huge lifesaver for all the folks who are scrolling late at night. People watch videos often with the sound off, while they sit at a busy bus stop, while their partner sleeps, or under their desk at work. Making it possible to watch the entire video and absorb all the information without sound can be the difference between being scrolled past and being noticed.


Making videos: transcriptions for your site

Not only can this create a huge boost of time that potential clients spend on your site, but there’s a ton you can do here in terms of SEO optimization. You’re bound to see an increase in site traffic from taking this important step. It may feel redundant to repost content side by side, but this tactic is super common, and super useful. People will leave the video running while they read the transcription, and the keywords in the article itself will have been the thing that got them on your site in the first place, so it’s a win-win.

Your video content is filled with useful info about what you do and how you do it, products you sell, or how your customers feel about you. When you turn it into a written word and insert it on several platforms, you’re creating that much more traction for yourself. When you keep it up, people will more quickly get used to seeing your name along with your info, and they’ll be more inclined to stick around for your content. Trust makes sales, and when you build credibility, you’re bound to see it in the numbers in no time.

Make a mashup of testimonials

If you have unboxing videos, reviews, or testimonials, they can pretty easily be used to create a promotional mashup video. This can give people a better perspective on how your customers feel about your service, which can be huge when they internally decide whether or not to trust your brand. They get several different perspectives, while also maybe even seeing your product or service in action, depending on what kind of content you have. 

Consistently creating or acquiring this kind of content to piece together and post can be a huge part of your consistent video marketing plan. More often than not, these kinds of videos get hyperlinked and then forgotten about, or only pulled up in reference. Add engaging music to make it fun, use smooth transitions, and be sure to match the tone of what the speakers are saying with the edits for a completely tailored vibe. 

Make gifs and insert them on your platforms

Choose snappy clips, preferably with bright colors and happy faces, to easily catch the attention of your viewers. For years, the humble gif has been one of our favorite ways to communicate on the internet, and they’re really not all that hard to make. Especially when you already have tons of content to choose from! They’re fun, common, and they’re right to the point. 

These tiny clips can go well on twitter, instagram, or facebook. They’re also great to sprinkle into blogs. It makes them friendlier, easier to read, and it definitely adds a lair of spunk to whatever your message is. They’re usually only 3 to 5 seconds that play over and over again, so there are likely tons of bits to choose from when you’re making them, and you can release the results from one day’s work over a much longer span of time. 

Convert your videos to audio and make a podcast

If you choose this option, you can even add some commentary before and after to add some length to the videos. Many podcasts run as long as two hours, but you can just as easily broadcast for only a half hour and have great success all the same. Adding that preliminary audio is easy, since you don’t have to create a set all over again, all you have to do is have a good enough microphone and record an opening for the converted content. 

When you have content available in podcast form, people can listen while they clean their house, work, or drive. This makes all the useful information in the videos quite a lot more accessible, all while you’re inserting yourself on other platforms that you otherwise might not have stumbled into. The more platforms your content is on, the higher your chances are of being recognized on them, and the higher your traction will be. 

Don’t wait. Utilize All Your Video Content.

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See you in front of the camera!