Marketing video production has taken its place as the leading format of advertising for much of the business world. The freedom and creativity offered by free video distribution sites have changed the way that video marketing has been done for years. In the past, video marketing has typically come in the form of standard commercials on television. With the shift towards the internet being the dominant force of media in the world, jumping into video marketing has never been easier or more important. Companies such as YouTube and TikTok, which if you’re reading this you have probably heard of, make it a breeze to get started. All it takes is some quick account set up and you are on your way to getting unique content for your company out into the world. 

With this said, it does take some ingenuity and dedication to put out quality work. After all, as the field grows, so do the demands of prospective customers. Marketing video production services are always a go-to when trying to get out quality work, but having a little basic background can certainly go a long way. Here are a few simple techniques that a business can pick up to start making great marketing videos in 2022.

Sharpen the Axe Before Cutting Down the Tree

Let’s start with the most obvious, but probably most crucial step to take when wanting to make great marketing videos for the modern day. The first tip we want to give you is to not cut corners and to focus on the prep work. We know. It might be tempting to just want to jump in headfirst. After all, making a video can be pretty exciting. But the truth is that many companies’ downfall will be not having a solid plan of action when going into their advertising. 

There are a lot of layers when it comes to great advertising. Things such as storyboarding and a focus topic, execution, and then finally the editing phase can all be incredibly daunting at first. It will only be harder without a solid game plan or timeline to adhere to as things move along. A smart company will want to enlist the help of the many marketing video production services that have come about with the growth of online video marketing.

Keeping a Focused Message

Have you ever been watching an advertisement and come out the other end wondering what it was even about? One of the easiest traps to fall into is getting too off-topic when making a marketing video. Sometimes the creative flow is just too hard to ignore and the creator will want to incorporate anything and everything possible into one project. The dedication is certainly admirable. It can, however, lead to including too many things that will simply confuse a viewer. 

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To be clear, this does not mean that a video has to be boring. After all, a fun and even whimsical video will leave a great lasting impression on anyone who finds it. The point is to maintain a clear sense of what the video is about and stick to one theme. This is something that good marketing video production should consider as the creative process moves forward. All of those ideas that don’t make it into the final cut are great resources to pull from later on. So keep things simple and keep the message clear. Let the “getting lost” happen when the viewer gets lost in how great your business is.

Marketing Video Production: At the Heart of the Matter

Something that every viewer is going to expect is whether or not a video really lines up with the overall personality of a company. It might seem a bit odd at first to consider the personality of a company. Companies are, of course, not truly living things. There is, however, a lot of character that goes into each company, as each one is unique in what it believes in and what its goal is. Somebody looking for a relaxing beverage isn’t going to really be invested in a Mountain Dew commercial. This is just like someone looking for a great way to project videos onto their wall while at a hardware store. It simply doesn’t line up with any core idea. While it is usually possible for some crossover to occur, it goes without saying that every company should have its niche and focus. 

Good video marketing will effectively capture the heart and soul of what a company’s overall image is about. This will include beliefs, atmosphere, design scheme, target demographics, and plenty more. A reliable method to tackling this is to enlist marketing video production services to help consolidate ideas when making a marketing video. A third party will more than likely be able to see the larger picture and give an unbiased idea of what will hit and what will miss.

A Touch of Home

Another factor that goes into great video marketing is sometimes making a solid impression with the local community. What can often happen is that businesses, especially as they get larger, will forget their roots and leave behind their points of origin. The goal should always be to expand and move forward, but it goes a long way to pay homage to where they came from. Looking at local options might also make it easier to deliver a better sense of what a company is about when bringing on marketing video production services. 

Marketing Video Production: The Human Connection

The most important tip we could leave you with is to always let it be known that a human is waiting on the other side of the camera. Nothing can be more off-putting for a viewer than feeling like they’re only interacting with AI. Yes, AI has come a very long way, but having a personal connection to any degree in a company will always be key to customer retention. Knowing that they have a relatable line of contact will keep them comfortable enough to come back for more.

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MultiVision Digital

Let’s bring all of these tips together in a host guaranteed to display all of this and then some. MultiVision Digital is looking to help businesses with all of our video marketing needs. Whether it’s editing the next great animation or offering remote marketing video production services for a company across the way, we hit all of these tips with ease. Each of these tips will be certain to get any business started in the right direction. Be sure to visit our site to get started on your business’ next great video marketing project.

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