Many businesses use PPC and SEO for marketing and advertising their website, but are not aware of the treasure trove of perks that can be reaped from YouTube ads. YouTube advertising simply means to advertise on youtube, through this social media video platform your business will gain brand awareness.

Having more than two billion monthly users with over 500 hours of content being uploaded every minute, YouTube is a huge platform where you can use YouTube ads to target and reach a large segment or a specific target audience. YouTube advertising with YouTube ads gives companies the ability to choose an ideal target audience from many options available for their campaigns..AND only pay when users watch or click on the ad. 

Benefitting from this platform is now easier than ever as mobile devices, smart TVs, and tablets have drastically increased the amount of time people spend on YouTube every day. This signifies that there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to expand their brand awareness strategies when you advertise on YouTube. And if you have been trying to communicate your message to the largest audience range, then YouTube advertising is a box of treasures for you.

4 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore YouTube Advertising

Large & Highly Targeted Audience Reach

YouTube is basically a hybrid between a social media network and a search engine which means you will have a chance to reach users in all these categories. In addition, as the viewership on this platform has increased rapidly in the last few years, you have a large audience base to reach out to and test multiple audiences for an increased result. 

YouTube ads also offer granular targeting which is deemed crucial for creating a successful campaign. Granular targeting means the platform allows users to be extremely detailed while targeting the audience that they want to reach out to. There are several options based on which you can set your target audience. This includes demographics, similar audiences, individual interests, household income, retargeting, devices, topics, etc. 

Source: DataReportal

Using these targeting options, one can easily create an ultra-specific user group for targeting and selling any product or service. However, it’s important to note that don’t include too many options for targeting. So, it may take some trial and error approaches for deciding how to target an exact audience group. There are professional video production companies who can help you create a perfect targeting option to promote your YouTube ads.

It’s Extremely Cost-effective Compared to Other Social Media Channels

The best part of YouTube ads is that you won’t require a huge budget to get started. It can be as little or as high an investment as you want. This provides ample opportunities to carve out a perfect audience group who highly resonate with your offerings. You can start with a small advertising budget and then start scaling it as you learn and grow your business. 

Besides, there is a bidding option within Google Ads so that you can instantly manage YouTube advertising costs. Currently, you can choose from different bidding strategies such as CPM or cost per impression, CPV or cost per view, and target CPA or cost per acquisition. There are daily budgets that can be set and controlled by the user. It means you can entirely control the overall spending of a business campaign which makes it an extremely cost-effective advertising platform as compared to any other social media channels.

youtube advertising CPM CPV

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Easy-to-Measure Results

It’s always important to measure the success of a marketing campaign to ensure everything is performing as per your strategy. Without having a clue about how your campaign is performing, you’ll be wasting your time as there will be no way you could improve. With that being said, YouTube advertising itself makes everything easier to analyze. 

With its inbuilt analytics option, you can learn about your viewers, costs, budgets, performances, and many more within just a few clicks. You can track video viewership to check how often your advertisement is being watched and many more. In fact, with its real-time reporting feature, you can ensure that you’re getting the best return on your investment.

Increase Your Chances of Getting Faster Results With Youtube Advertising

Businesses can get faster results with YouTube ads as YouTube as number of viewers is constantly growing.  And as such, you will be getting your ads in front of more people and thus you will be able to get more clicks, sales, and website visits over time. 

Moreover, if done correctly, YouTube advertising could be one of the best ways to see results much quicker than any other platform. For example, it may take a substantial amount of time to see results when you send emails to a hundred subscribers. Besides, only those hundred people are seeing your advertisement. However, when you’re creating YouTube advertising, there’s a pool of users. So, it creates a perfect opportunity for enterprise and small-scale businesses to reach out to more users by choosing specific ad groups.

Types of YouTube ads formats

There are different types of advertisement formats that can be used to promote youtube videos, brand awareness, or educate your audience. These types of advertisement formats include:

Display Ads: Display ads are basically those that appear above a video suggestion and the right of a feature video. Ideally, display ads are chosen for desktop users. You will only be charged when a viewer chooses to play your advertisement by clicking its thumbnail. 

advertise on youtube display ads

Source: Tubics

Bumper Ads: These are non-skippable video advertisements that usually last up to six seconds. Since these are available both for desktop and mobile, it could be an awesome way for retargeting your audience. The charges will be determined based on impression as bumper ads utilize target CPM bidding.

bumper ads

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Non-skippable Video Ads: Non-skippable YouTube ads are watched before the video is viewed. These ads can appear during, after, or before the main video which is generally 20 seconds in length. You can use it for brand awareness and outreach campaigns where target CPM bidding will be used for charging. 

non-skippable youtube advertising

Source: Tubics

Skippable Video Ads: In these types of video advertisements, viewers can skip the video after five seconds of watching it. Unlike non-skippable video ads, skippable ads can appear before, after, and during the video. Since viewers can skip the advertisement, it’s important that you spark the interest instantly to keep the audience watching it to understand your message.

skippable video

Source: Tubics

Overlay Ads: specifically used for sales, brand awareness, and brand consideration campaigns. These are meant only for desktop users. Usually, overlay advertisements are semi-transparent ads that use either text or image, or both. It appears during videos as a popup. Users can easily remove it if they want. 

display ads

Source: Wyzowl

Having such a wide variety of YouTube advertising formatting options in hand always gives a fresh new perspective to an online marketer. Nevertheless, YouTube videos will only do well when they’re created strategically. That’s the reason why professionals like video production company NYC work round the clock to make your dream advertisement video that will help you grow your business within the shortest period of time.

Create Stellar Advertisement Videos With Professionals

So, there are a lot of perks to YouTube advertising but getting started with it can be overwhelming. You’re basically accessing the second-largest search engine in the world and one of the largest video-sharing platforms that can highly diversify and improve your overall marketing strategy. However, with the growing number of audiences, the competition in the platform is increasing simultaneously. So, if you don’t offer quality content to your audience, your business objectives will not be achieved. This is the reason why it’s essential to invest in producing top-quality video content and then advertising with it. If you’re unaware of the process of how to create stellar YouTube ads, there are professionals to help you out. 

MultiVision Digital, is a top-tier video production company NYC that you can rely on. We have the best experts around the world to elevate your growth marketing strategy by producing high-quality video content that not only attracts viewers but also engages them. If you want to know more about how to advertise on YouTube or how to create effective YouTube ads, contact us at your earliest. 

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