Accountants deliver a personal service to clients. As such, one of the great difficulties to overcome when promoting these professional services is making them somewhat tangible. So, accountants feel that the more traditional forms of marketing, like networking, hosting informational events and seminars, which provide forums for getting face-to-face with clients, are the most valuable tactics to winning new business. We agree, but producing video for accountants needs to be added on that outreach list as well.

business video for accountants

However, you may have noticed that more and more people, even when they get referred or attend a seminar, go to the Internet for follow up information before reaching out. Video for accountants fills this need when they go online for information. While no-one will argue that face-to-face interactions and personal relationships contribute to closing the deal, these approaches are becoming less and less valuable for developing opportunities.

Website business video for accountants production services

Consequently, one of the most powerful tools for promoting the talent within an accounting firm is with website business video production services. Personalized communications that are informational, dynamic, and captivating are the end result. They also have the ability to humanize partners in otherwise mundane accounting topics. Lawyers, you know what we are talking about too!

And there are many ways to amortize an investment in an online video content marketing strategy. Some of the uses are –

  • email marketing communications
  • added to the home page of your website
  • turned into a blog post
  • added to partner’s bio pages
  • used as social media content
  • attached to press releases
  • added on industry or practice area pages, and
  • as material to get partners speaking engagements and on media outlets

And best of all, web videos for accountants can last for many years. Therefore, they provide a high ROI (assuming the topics are more evergreen than topically current).

Goals for an online video content marketing strategy for accountants – Video for Accountants

In reaction to this trend, Berdon LLP, a New York City based accounting firm firmed up their online video content marketing strategy and are seeing the results pay off in direct business opportunities. The goals of the program were:

  • Better position their partners as thought leaders
  • Improve interaction and metrics on their digital channels like website, blog, email, SEO and social
  • Personalize communications when providing information
  • Respond to the growing web videos for accountants trend
  • Create evergreen content that can be used over and over again
  • Generate new business opportunities

Berdon LLP wanted to make it easy for their customers to do their research as they found that many were doing it during off hours and via their mobile / tablet devices. So, video that is organically optimized for mobile and is sought after content for busy decision makers, was the perfect choice. Today’s busy executives want information quick. Most do not have time to read through pages and pages to get answers. Website business video production services gets right to the point and are more interesting for people to watch. While web videos for accountants can’t replace face-to-face interactions, it can help to build trust even before those all-important first meetings with potential clients.

Web videos for accountants hit core business objectives

Consumer behavior is leading they way as we have quickly become a nation of watchers, not readers. ComScore reports that 75 million viewers watch online video every day (YES, that is PER DAY) and 40 billion videos are streamed per month (YES, that is a Billion), and these numbers are, according to Forrester Research, going to increase over the next few years.

Customers have proven that using website business video production services holds their attention, keeps them on your site longer and generates leads. What’s more, people accept website business video production services so widely now that it has become a vital form of communication that users are happy to send to colleagues or contacts.

With the right online video content marketing strategy you will easily be able to:

  • Immediately differentiate your firm from others
  • Showcase the thought leadership and expertise of your firm’s partners
  • Improve the open / click thru rates of your email marketing
  • Improve the conversion of leads generated from your site
  • Build practice area credentials
  • Provide measurable results to your digital marketing

So for accounting firms looking to grow their business, having an online video content marketing strategy will be to responding to the behavior of your current and future clients. If your firm’s managing partners think that and online video content marketing strategy is not the now, but the future…think again.