Aerial drone photography and drone videography have evolved over the last few years from being military tools to permeating every business under the sun. Now, businesses are beginning to understand how drone video production will help them to engage and capture the attention of their customers when driving business objectives like brand awareness, lead conversion and opening up new revenue sources. As the use of aerial drone photography and drone video production becomes more widespread, exploring all the unique ways to use this technology to your advantage is crucial. 

These days, business people doing research online are on the lookout for more engaging types of content before they jump into learning more about a business. Whether you are working for a real estate company, a law firm, building machines to manufacture goods, or an event marketing company, giving your customers a wider perspective will help you stand out and convert researchers into leads. With aerial drone photography and drone video production, you can provide stellar views and shots where you can zoom in and out to show the vastness of the surroundings with a cinematic feel. 

However, no matter what technology you invest in, you must know how to use it to yield its advantages. This article will discuss five ways that drone video production can help businesses and why your company should highly consider employing drone video footage in your upcoming video marketing campaigns. But, before that, let’s understand how drone technology works.

How Does The Drone Technology Work?

UAVs or also known as drones include 4K cameras for both aerial drone photography and drone videography, as well as accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS receivers, and inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensors, which enable high-definition drone video footage recording even while drones are flying at high speeds and altitudes. In fact, there are LiDAR, thermal, and infrared sensors also used by industry-specific UAV models to locate items and avoid obstacles.


Drone inspection software includes dashboards, online or desktop applications, and cloud infrastructure. Drones may collect drone video footage and transmit it to the cloud to help you store the data. In order to assist human technicians in identifying items and patterns in real-time and archived data, there are a number of technologies that convert aerial drone photography into 2D and 3D maps. The most preferred types of this software include machine learning, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), picture stitching, and photogrammetry.

Network Architecture:

UAVs rely on wireless networking technologies, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and most recently 5G, to exchange data with the distant ground control system and cloud servers. 

Ways Businesses Should Be Using Drone Videography

Drone videography allows an interesting way of storytelling by capturing the moments and presenting them in a visually appealing manner. Most of these UAVs have in-built stabilizers that allow you to create a smooth high-quality video with a bird’s eye view of the entire scene that engages your audience. You can show off a sneak peek of your company, product, and your work process all in a glorious high-definition setup.

Drone Video Production For TV Commercials

Drones have revolutionized the way we think about aerial footage. When using a typical ground-based camera, directors and producers will have a certain shot in mind and will know precisely how they want to set it up, what kind of lens to use, where they want the actor’s mark to be, what focal length should be used on what kind of shots, etc. 

Aerial and drone videography features enable directors to create amazing shots that they have never thought would be possible. For example, a sweeping wide shot of landscapes that’s hard to reach or a strict follow-along action sequence views, that would never be possible to capture with standard camera and techniques. However, with drone technology at your disposal, the cinematic possibilities are endless. 

Drones For Industrial Inspections

One of the cost-saving use cases of UAVs in industrial settings is to gather visual data and excellent pictures of installations and equipment that are geographically far away and / or at heights that are difficult to get to, that need regular monitoring and scheduled repair. These consist of wind turbines, power plants, oil rigs, and transmission lines to name a few of the use cases of aerial drone footage.

Companies couple these images with cloud-deployed machine learning software to make sense of heterogeneous inspection data. On big construction sites, for example, they can do things like locating gas leaks, assessing equipment wear and tear, keeping an eye on coastline erosion, and tracking project progress without putting worker’s life in danger from the environment, physical harm, or chemical harm. 

Inspection drones are truly transforming the inspection process by allowing people to speed up the data collection process along with removing the risk of putting worker’s life in danger. 

Inspection drones are truly transforming the inspection process by allowing people to speed up the data collection process along with removing the risk of putting worker’s life in danger. On big construction sites, they can do things like locating gas leaks, assessing equipment wear and tear, keeping an eye on coastline erosion, and tracking project progress without putting worker’s life in danger from the environment, physical harm, or chemical harm. 

Drone Video Production For Event Marketing

Drone videography may be used in a variety of ways to promote your events. It may be utilized as an additional tool or as your main event promotional tool. You can utilize drone videography to produce entertaining and captivating marketing films for your target markets. From gift drops, visual drone shows, and live streaming of festivals, and concerts, to aerial tours of a remote landscape, these UAVs offer you endless opportunities to WOW and entertain people and guests. 

Drones For Real Estate Market

According to MLS statistics, properties that include aerial drone photography and/or drone videography sell nearly 68% faster than those using only standard photographs. Drone videography sets a higher standard for real estate customer experiences, and thereby solidifying their significance. Real estate professionals who are working with commercial, residential, and land parcels can yield great advantages from the information and images captured by drone videography and aerial drone photography. 
For example, aerial drone footage will offer views that can be the best angle for showcasing the layout and size of a property. In fact, as you can shoot from a large range, you can depict the property’s proximity to community places like parks, lakes, highways, schools, or local amenities. This will be more enticing for new property buyers who are looking for the best home location.

Drones For Topographic Mapping

Making topographic maps have been a challenging task before the emergence of computer technology in the 20th century, which altered the procedure. Previously, topographic maps were produced manually, with ink on location after measuring a series of points with a compass to determine elevation using an aneroid barometer.

Now, surveyors utilize GPS technology to obtain precise measurements with their hands on the ground while working in the field. In some situations and locations, man-made aircraft are used. For this, either light airplanes or helicopters are utilized. Another alternative for surveying land is to use unmanned aerial systems (UAS/drones), which include contour maps, orthophoto, a digital terrain model, and also dense point clouds to obtain highly accurate data, ready for analysis. 

Professional Agency For Drone Production

As people respond better to videos than other information types, video marketing is no more a trend. Rather, it’s an important part of your overall marketing strategy. And, in this, aerial drone photography and drone videography play the most critical role in video marketing

However, not everyone can produce high-quality and captivating content using drone technology. It requires professionalism and expertise to yield the best result. MultiVision Digital is always enthusiastic about producing aesthetically attractive and captivating material that will set your brand apart from the competition. Contact us now to know more information about how our services can help your brand grow.

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