Website promotional video is a way to convert leads because we can stand out from the competition. – Amanda Zyta, Mayer CPA

Videos for accounting firms may not be the first type of case study you look for. When researching how corporate video marketing is driving core business objectives it’s probably not top of mind. However, with a well thought out plan it converts leads.  “Business video is a way to stay ahead of the competition. We feel like that marketing with a website promotional video helps us stand out and because a lot of our competing accounting firms aren’t doing it  [corporate video marketing like a website promotional video].”

Watch Amanda discussing how video for their accounting firm converts leads –

“I Google everything.  And we’ve found that we’ve gotten a lot of leads from Google. So when people visit our website, they watch our website promotional video see what we have to offer and if it is what they are looking for.”  [Author’s note: when these people decide that they “have what they are looking for” and pick up the phone to call, those people become a higher qualified lead.]

“We felt that website promotional video is a way to convey the presence that the partners have and give the potential client a sense of who they would be meeting with.”

Videos for Accounting Firms Make Sense.

“We wanted viewers to see that we are professional, that we are pro-active and, that we have a responsive services and those are those reasons that we think we stand out from others accounting firms.”

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