Many technology and software companies make a living by either inventing or improving on a process, product or service…which makes their concept something that buyers won’t know exists. This becomes a challenge when it comes to making sales. How can buyers research and make a purchase for something they don’t know about?

The B2B buying process has forever changed

The B2B buying process has forever changed. When people get curious about a new technology they go out and do their own research. And when they do, they want to get as informed as possible. This is the foundation before taking that first step into the buying funnel (previously sales funnel). So if you don’t have this information available and respond to customer’s growing needs for quick information (which is video) you won’t be getting as many calls as you would if you had video.

In June of 2014, Aberdeen came out with a report titled, Analyzing the ROI of Video Marketing, and revealed the power of how online sales videos and website video marketing content can play in driving new business opportunities –

  • Websites that have video convert new business opportunities at 2x the rate of sites that don’t
  • Websites with video need 37% less site visitors to reach the same marketing objective

WOW Powerful stuff right?!?!?!? The Aberdeen report shows that video generates better quality leads and is both a customer acquisition and sales conversion tool. However, this is only if you have video.  Check out this animated video on why the sales process has changed to the buying process and how video can drive results.

Video for Technology and Software Companies

Smart technology and software companies realize this and are starting to build up their online video production library. You might think that these companies are making just one website promotional video that shows a prospective buyer about the product…your wrong. These companies are building a digital video content marketing strategy that takes their awareness campaigns, lead gen and sales process into account, and are producing professional online sales video content that gives buyers valuable and relevant information targeted to multiple parts of the sales cycle.

Lets unpack some of the challenges a technology / software company typically has in their marketing and sales process. NOTE: key assumption here is that decision makers are busy keeping their head above water in their day-to-day jobs.

The Steps for Video Content

Step 1 –  Get decision makers to stop what ever they are doing during their busy day to listen or see your pitch…long enough that they can even comprehend your value proposition and get interested. Typically the success metric at this stage is a download / an inbound call / or a lead generation form completed.

Prospect continues to check you out online.

Step 2 –  During an introductory phone call or in-person visit, the sales person has to give the prospect enough information and understanding of how you can help them so that they want to even consider change in their organization.….Isn’t change the “bottleneck of progress”??? The success metric at this stage is a scheduling a follow up meeting.

Prospect continues to check you out online.

Step 3 – At this meeting you, along with your technical team, must give the prospect even more information; explaining your product or service, repeating things to an even larger decision making team and presenting use cases so you can build trust and confidence.   The success metric is typically a go ahead to write a proposal for the solution.

Prospect continues to check you out online.

Step 4 – At this stage your almost there! But the final decision making process happens without you…yes that is right, without you. Your almost customer is looking online, checking out everything you said, evaluating the use cases, your experience and skills to deliver on your promises.

Integrating a Video Content Strategy

What an integrated digital video content marketing strategy will do for your the buying process is make it easy for these prospects to understand the value of what you provide, what you can do for them and the people that do it at your company. I can envision what marketers and sales managers are saying right now…”But we have that information. We have case studies…and brochures on our website for prospects to learn about us.”  This might be true, but the reality of today’s busy decision maker is that people will seek to watch a video, that gives them the information they need, before spending their valuable time reading and trying to figure things out.

So having a digital video content marketing strategy that produces videos such as online promo videos, animated explainer videos, sales videos, FAQ videos and online case study videos, make it easy for decision makers to get the information they need in the quickest amount of time possible to help them realize how a solution can benefit their business.  Check out a the below video that gives some further information on why one website video on is not a online video content marketing strategy.

So what is the strategy towards building an online video communications library? Start by looking at your existing sales process and create content that is most important to decision makers.  This means creating different videos that address the different needs of the different types of decision makers so they realize you have solutions for their problems.


As you travel down the sales funnel, focus less on the problem and more on education and building trust. Showcase the people behind your sales team so buyers get comfortable with the team that will ultimately delivery the solution to them.  Create business case study videos that highlight the problem, solution, benefit of your product or service.  If you fit more than one industry you will need to create video case studies for each of these verticals.  Present the information that your prospects need to know while making it easy for them to get informed. They will respect you and reward you with new relationships and a steady flow of new business.

Many businesses are just getting started with video, so if you’d like to see examples of what other businesses have done with video (accountants, tech companies, real estate, professional services and more), here is a link to 200+ of them –>

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