Fancy cameras at the site

Donning hardhats and high-vis vests, we set out on a beautiful Fall day in NYC to shoot some construction videos. Early morning call time, we were commissioned to capture footage from a number of construction sites across New York City. Our video production agency deals with many different types of clientele, so what goes on at any given shoot can vary drastically from the so-called norm.

This time, we were graced with an enthusiastic client who gave us unfettered access to their workforce and resources in order to get the best shots possible for a promotional construction video.  

Video Production Agency: How did we handle this rare opportunity?

We got them to let us ride on their big construction machines.

Childhood dream being fulfilled
Childhood dreams being fulfilled

We also took advantage of the situation to get some incredible drone shots, some up-close and personal GoPro footage, and some nice, slow-motion sweeps of the dedicated workforce.

shoot some construction videos
Big hole; another perspective
Video production agency busy week
Big Machine

Overall, a great time was had by both crew and the client for this shoot. 
As our Video Production Agency grows, we hope to get more opportunities to expand our experience and employee skill sets by doing more and more exciting shoots.
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