Video content is being used more and more by marketers in a variety of methods to advertise their goods and services. This can include posts on landing sites, social media, webinars, emails, and more. Video Marketing may be utilized to introduce businesses and establish enduring connections with consumers.

In our digital world video plays a significant role in your digital marketing plan. A business runs the risk of falling behind its rivals without an effective video marketing strategy. For a business, big or small, video marketing has several advantages, including raising revenue, expanding brand awareness, and improving conversion rates. Discover how to utilize video to your advantage.

Here are some top benefits of video marketing that can help you expand your company, boost sales, and gain new clients.

Marketing Videos Boost SEO

In many cases, consumers go to a marketer’s website after seeing a branded video. This demonstrates how engaging, high-quality video content can spur customer interest and boost viewership on your website. Because Google considers traffic and click-throughs to be essential ranking criteria, the results of a quality video that drives traffic can have a significant lasting effect. The number of visits and clicks a website receives increases with its position on search engine result pages.

importance of SEO

Google is becoming better at machine learning, and now it can identify hundreds of different picture components in a movie. Using Google’s Video Intelligence API, you may list the terms that appear in a video. This can have a big SEO benefit.

Because video is adaptable across multiple devices, SEO is also made simpler with it. Because many video hosting services, like Youtube and Vimeo, can adapt to multiple screen sizes and are mobile-friendly, you may reach a wider audience. Pages with video content are getting more and more attention in search results thanks to Google’s algorithm. This increases the value of organizations including videos in their digital marketing plans.

Video Content Marketing Retains Consumers

Compared to other types of content, users spend nearly 90% more time on websites containing video content. This implies that including videos on your website’s pages might lengthen users’ visits.

Perhaps this is so because most individuals find watching videos to be more pleasurable than reading text. A second factor could be the superior ability of video explanations to aid in knowledge retention. By producing product videos, how-tos, or demos, you may broaden your audience and improve viewer retention rates. By using shoppable films, you may even increase eCommerce sales.

Video Marketing Services Enhanced

The wonderful thing about video marketing is that it can completely support your present marketing plan.

A business may add marketing video material if you already write weekly blogs, or you can convert your present blogs into a video format.

How-to videos may be created from useful how-to blogs. This gives your audience another method to interact with you and converts your material into a different, more widely used format.

Video Elevates Customer Confidence

Compared to a written blog, a video can establish a human, comprehensive, and engaging connection more quickly. But to portray your organization as helpful, competent, and human, these two media should be used together. With the latter two, the video is quite helpful.

You are more likely to build trust if you include supplementary content that is provided by you, your coworkers, or your staff in a sincere and down-to-earth manner. Inbound marketing is all about increasing customer trust and utilizing it to create connections. At the end of the day, our goal is to inform rather than to sell.

Utilizing Live Video

Facebook and Instagram live streaming is used by both corporations and celebrities. Videos that are live-filmed are precisely what they claim to be. There are several benefits to live filming if you can do it correctly.

Live video marketing enables viewers to participate and provide comments, which is one of its main advantages. People get engaged via this interactivity. The person being recorded on Facebook Live can view the comments and reply.

Similar to this, Instagram introduced IGTV, which allows users to publish movies up to one hour long as opposed to utilizing Stories, which have a time limit. IGTV is a terrific method to benefit from the ever-growing trend of consumers watching video content on their phones in a “vertical” orientation while they are on the go.

Engages Consumers to Increase Revenue

The attention of viewers is maintained by videos more so than by text. Why? Videos mix the aural and visual senses. Videos incorporate sound and motion. The capacity for seeing in humans is astounding. In actuality, text is processed 60,000 times slower by humans than images.

Additionally, since the majority of information processed by the brain is visual, seeing a video rather than reading text can help viewers remember what is being said. And as a result, the typical viewer retains 95% of a message when it is seen, compared to only 10% of content read. Higher session times on websites and algorithm boosts on social media are the results of this.

Marketing Video Production shoot

This goes hand in hand with product videos that are integrated into the website’s real product pages. Four out of five customers believe seeing a product demo was beneficial, and over 50% of internet users search for product-related videos before making a purchase.

Marketing videos showcasing your goods and services are useful. Additionally, vloggers, influencers, and micro-influencers may evaluate your items on their own social media pages. It makes sense to attempt to have your items appraised by industry-relevant personas since influencer marketing is the fastest-growing online customer acquisition channel.

Conversion is Higher

According to the Top 16 Video Marketing Statistics for 2016 study, adding videos to a product page may boost conversions by 80% or more.

If a video is used in place of a picture, conversion rates will rise. Why? You can get a better impression of the goods or services through the video. Engaged viewers of videos are more likely to recall the message. Viewers are more likely to trust businesses after seeing a video, resulting in more conversions.

Streamlined Sharing

According to Wordstream research, social video receives 1200% more shares than text and picture material combined. According to Sales and Marketing Solutions, video is shared on websites like LinkedIn 20 times more frequently than other content formats. What makes videos so well-liked? They are amusing and provide useful advice through their use of tips, tricks, and hacks. 


If you’re thinking about using video marketing services in your campaign, make sure to schedule a meeting with a marketing team such as MultiVision Digital to go through your budget and target ROI. Think about the kinds of videos that will work best for your brand to get the most out of your marketing investment.

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