Do you spend time thinking about video content marketing and how your prospects research, and short list, you and your competitors? How they get informed, make their own decisions and qualify themselves before reaching out to you by phone or via your website? 

Digital marketing over the past years, as Miley Cryus puts it, has come in “like a wrecking ball” and how digital generates new business opportunities for traditional legal marketing and accounting marketing teams.  While B2B transactions are still made with relationships as the main trust factor, the power of information has shifted towards buyers in early stages of the buying process…even when there is a referral made.  Thus even in traditional relationship driven industries, the internet has completely changed the dynamic between buyers and sellers…and video content marketing is leading the charge.

Did you know …

                            Less than 6% of managing partners have a high degree of confidence

                                                     …in their firm’s ability to keep pace with the changes in the legal marketing*

This is exactly what we talk about when our legal marketing and accounting marketing clients ask us, “Why should we allocate a part of our marketing budget to professional video production services?”  If you’re the type to get right to the solution, then head over to Remote Video Capture, a solution for legal marketing and accounting marketing teams that solves the three biggest challenges of video production.

But if you’re the type that wants more meat on the bones, then hear why Amedeo Luongo, managing partner at Mendonca & Partners CPAs LLC, invested in professional video for their accounting firm because “[He] has noticed that more and more people, even though they may be referred, go to the internet to look for information.”  And Amedeo is right! Whether it’s thought leadership videos, corporate overviews, or testimonials, people watch video during the research phase and along the buying process. For legal and accounting marketing teams, video production services puts your partners front and center in the message and the building blocks for a trusted relationship.

Put simply, video, compared to paper, is like a motorcycle versus a bicycle. Video is flying in the left lane of the AutoBahn at 250 km/h while paper assets are cruising on their bicycles on the side of the road. There is no comparison.  Professional video is what buyers want and are drawn to… they know video saves them time because video gives them the most amount of information in the shortest time. This is what makes video such a powerful sales tool for legal marketing and accounting marketing teams that aim to drive qualified new business opportunities.

Video Content Marketing is about BUYERS, not you.

If every marketer hailed to this statement, then everyone would be hiring a corporate video production company and strategizing for future video projects.  Across all industries a staggering number of businesses not only don’t produce video, but they are not even considering it…which is mind-boggling because of the impact video content marketing has on digital objectives.  Here’s what Jim Terminiello, marketing manager at Berdon LLP,  had to say about why an investment in a corporate video production company is a permanent and long term component of their marketing mix.

                  The people that engage CPAs need the confidence of seeing the people that are actually doing the work and by using video we are establishing that rapport even before they meet us.”

Corporate video production should be used to drive all business objectives, from awareness to SEO and everything in between.  Get the most amount of R.O.I. from introducing video content marketing into your marketing mix and implement a Video 1st Content Marketing Strategy to drive leads and sales for your business.  Check out this video if you don’t yet know what a Video 1st Content Marketing Strategy?

Myths Stopping Firms from in Investing in Corporate Video Production

If managing partners want to their marketing teams to keep up with current digital marketing tactics, then why don’t professional service firms invest in the services of a corporate video production company?  Both real and perceived, here are a few of the myths we hear everyday:

Myth 1: “Video is too expensive” or “We don’t have the money for a corporate video production company” or “There is no solution for doing cost effective professional video production.” 

Reality 1 : For many firms, having a full blown production multiple times a year is not in the cards, but with a thoughtful plan any reasonable budget can be maximized to get the best bang for your video content marketing buck – see this blog post on how to Maximize the Value out of your Corporate Video Production Company.

Myth 2: “My clients won’t / don’t watch video” 

Reality 2:  Do you watch video?  Your clients watch video.

Myth 3: “My boss will never be on board with video content marketing”

Reality  3: Lack of buy in from leadership is nothing new.  But that is the job of legal marketing and accounting marketing teams.  The first step is learning how to communicate the value and ROI of video – check out a full stack of video content marketing tips to help you do just that.

Myth 4: “We don’t have the time”

Reality 4: Dedicating the time for video can be a challenge until you see the R.O.I.  Smart firms are creating video many times a year… for new business opportunities, practice areas, events, new regulations, partner thought leadership and more…because they have realized the value.  OH and on the partner front, how long does it take you to get a blog post written compared to doing a 2 min video.

Myth 5: “We’re too small”

Reality 5: Solo entrepreneurs to global companies leverage video towards a solid return on investment. Each firm has their own approach, quality level, budget and can find yours.  But…if you’re a company of zero people, then yes….you are too small for video. 

The Solution to a Cost-Effective Professional Video Production 

Remote Video Capture resolves all of the issues faced by legal marketing and accounting marketing teams when it comes to cost effective professional video production.  Remote Video Capture greatly reduces the cost, time and effort of creating video content by eliminating the equipment, crew and set up of traditional video production. 

Remote Video Capture allows legal marketing teams and accounting marketing teams to consistently make high quality video without breaking the bank and requiring a large time commitment. The technology truly shines with thought leadership, blogs, email marketing, social media, internal communications and partner bios. Which makes it the perfect fit for a video first strategy. 

As buyers demand video content, Remote Video Capture is positioned as the perfect solution for your professional service firm.  If you are looking to quickly build up your professional service firm video content library, then Remote Video Capture is the answer! Give us a call or email us at [email protected] for a complementary RemoteVideoCapture video.

* According to the 2018 Law Firm Transitions Survey from Altman Weil