So you have devoted months of hard work and dedication to creating your product, and now it’s finally time for the world to see the fruits of your labor. After investing in various types of marketing strategies across multiple mediums, it seems that you have a hint about video advertising. And now, you’ve done everything possible to make consumers aware of your new groundbreaking product, and–even more important–your newly established brand.

However, if you fail to include video advertising in your marketing campaign, you risk not reaching a large portion of your potential customers. Therefore, when planning your campaign, it becomes imperative to focus especially on creating dynamic and engaging videos that not only showcase what sets your product apart from the rest of the industry but also why customers should trust your brand

Most companies tend to shy away from video marketing during their early days of operations due to the fact that the process of producing a professional marketing video can be costly. While it is true that video advertisements are one of the more expensive marketing tactics, the benefits of a successful campaign significantly outnumber the initial cost of creating the video. In fact, many of the world’s most renowned companies accredit their massive success to a series of genius marketing videos that drew viewers in to make a purchase and then kept them coming back for more. 

Today, we will be discussing the benefits of including Youtube video advertisements around a best video design in your next marketing campaign, as well as the various types of marketing videos and how they can help showcase your unique product and boost your brand. 

How Using Advertisements on Youtube Can Increase Website Traction 

When you decide to incorporate video marketing in your campaign, you should have an idea of the benefits that your brand could experience.

The following are reasons why you should consider using video marketing on Youtube:

  • Gain insight into whether your video is getting in front of your desired audience.
  • Video ads can significantly increase the chance of converting website clicks to sales.
  • Viewers are likely to share the video to family and friends, further increasing website clicks. 
  • Mobile users tend to watch ads to completion.
  • Mobile users are also more likely to make purchases after watching your ads.
  • You can convey all of the information required for understanding your product and brand in under 30 seconds. 
  • By using video marketing, you can tell the story of your brand to potential consumers. 
  • Youtube analytics can aid in understanding what your audience did and didn’t like about your advertisement. 
Video-production-new-york-cameras for viideo advertising

While these are all notable benefits of using video marketing, there is no greater benefit than knowing that your brand is getting in front of the audience who needs your products or services the most. Today, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that consumers would rather watch a short video that adequately describes your brand than read through lengthy product descriptions. For this reason, in addition to the benefits listed above, you should certainly consider revamping your marketing strategies to include Youtube video marketing in the future. If done so correctly, we promise that you will not regret it.

The Many Types of Strategies and Video Advertising For Marketing Your Brand

In the world of Youtube video marketing, there are several strategies for getting your videos in front of consumers. And, there are also multiple types of video formats that you can use depending on your unique goals. 

Effective strategies include placing your advertisement at the beginning of a similar video, throughout the video at various points, or as a bumper below the video itself. Some ads allow for the viewer to “skip” after watching a few seconds of the video (usually five seconds) and others require the viewer to watch through until completion. 

You can also upload your entire advertisement to your Youtube channel. However, if you’re a relatively new brand, it’s unlikely that you will develop much traction using the direct-to-upload strategy until your brand name becomes wider known. 

Once you have determined the strategy that you will employ, you must now decide how you will format your videos to achieve your individual goals for your brand. 

The following are the types of video advertising formats guaranteed to best showcase your advertisement to your targeted audience:

  • “The Spot”: “The Spot” refers to the most classic advertising video. This type of video is typically 15-30 seconds long, and the purpose is to create a generic video that can be distributed across all mediums. Essentially, when creating a “spot” video, you want to get your product and brand across to the viewer as concisely as possible. 
  • Showcase The Culture of Your Company: When your goal is to spread awareness of your brand, company culture videos are the way to go. With this video advertising format, you not only attract new customers but also potential employees, as you make both aware of exactly what makes your product and brand stand out from the competition. 
  • Explanation Video: Anytime you create an innovative product or service that is completely new to the market, you should include explanation videos in your marketing strategies. Generally, an explanation video will provide an overview of your product or service as well as your brand as a whole, which makes it easier for new customers to understand that your company offers what they have been searching for. 
  • Product Demonstration: As opposed to the explanation video, which focuses on how to use your product or service, a product demonstration highlights the features and benefits that one may experience with your brand. This type of video usually consists of creative animations and descriptions in order to clearly show customers the functions of your product.
  • Customer Testimonials: If you already have a customer base, you can attract new customers by sharing testimonials from past customers. When you post a video of a customer expressing their happiness and satisfaction with your products or services, viewers are more likely to reach out and make a purchase themselves. 
  • Employee Highlights: Video advertisements that feature employees and their positive experiences can help tremendously in humanizing your brand. Today, many consumers opt to only purchase from companies that have a record of treating their employees fairly. Therefore, if your viewers see that both past customers and current employees are happy with your brand, they will choose your products over a competitor that doesn’t have a positive reputation. 
  • Behind-The-Scenes Video: A general rule of thumb: if the process of creating your product or service is unique, show it to potential customers! In almost every instance, an audience will appreciate the ability to watch the craftsmanship required to make your product. If your customers feel that they are involved in the process, they will be more inclined to make a purchase. 

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After learning about the benefits that come with using video advertising, as well as the various types of video formats that are typically used, we hope you feel more confident in planning your next video marketing campaign. 

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