NYC Video production services often come with a hefty price tag. Granted, the investment is worth it when the outcome is lucrative, but at certain times there are more efficient ways to produce video ads than via traditional shooting methods. Take a moment to consider remote video production as you formulate ideas for marketing videos. You’ll come to find that the benefits are astronomical!

NYC Video Production Services: Professional Direction

Good direction is integral to the success of any video. With the expertise of a professional director, your ads may even exceed your own expectations. One of the key facets of directing is the ability to emphasize the most important elements of a scene and convey the underlying message in an enticing, nuanced, and easily-digestible fashion. 

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A good director will do more than properly setting up the camera, light, and objects within the frame. They will be able to bring out the best possible performance from the subjects, giving thoughtful and experience-backed critiques in between takes, ensuring that you look your best. 

Effective Editing Services

Without an educated and knowledgeable editor, scenes would not flow seamlessly, and important messages would not be emphasized effectively. The goal of an editor is to utilize the footage accumulated and structure it in a way that maintains relevance to your message—while keeping your audience engaged. After all, there’s a reason you chose a visual medium to market your product/service rather than producing a radio ad.

Through a visual medium, audiences become engaged with your content and are much more likely to receive your message through attention-grabbing editing techniques. Editors utilize industry-standard editing software that allows for seamless scene transition and a visual structure that follows the script’s timeline. Through expert practices, efficient methods, and professional editing techniques, an editor can be the difference between professional and sloppy.

Remote Video Production: Efficient Collaboration Methods

Through remote video production services, multiple users can join the recording/filming session to collaborate in real-time. This is extremely efficient for marketing teams that need to service teams across different locations. Not only that, but it allows clients to integrate their ideas, perspectives, and goals into filming and recording sessions. 

Through the innovative remote filming method, writers can also collaborate with their directors in order to craft shots and scenes that establish messages clearly—through expert shot selection and precise delivery of dialogue. It’s key in the filming process to properly supervise and implement scripts in order to reach your consumer in a relatable way. 

Budget-Friendly Production

The costs of hiring a film crew, editor, and purchasing film equipment can sometimes make shooting an advertisement difficult. Not only that, but devoting large amounts of time to a shoot can cost you and your company money as well. Rest assured that, through the remote video production method, filming processes are expedited and adhere to your budget at the same time. Companies that rely on remote production services can expect to save up to 60% off of the traditional costs of video production, all while receiving the result they’ve hoped for. 

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How to Get Started

Like any form of media, NYC video production or remote video production always begins with a single goal or idea. You know what’s right for your business and the marketing goals you want to reach. Once you have established the purpose of your marketing video—and the goal of your campaign—we’ll get to work. Our team is proud to extend budget-friendly, streamlined production services that help you reach your demographic effectively—and in an attention-grabbing way. Through our extension of video strategy, video production, video marketing, or animation services, there are no heights that we can’t reach together. 

To get started, simply submit a free quote request to our team and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP. We would be happy to discuss our services, as well as work with you in generating a marketing campaign that suits your business’ needs. What kind of marketing material can best reach your clientele? We’ll work through these steps together. Allow us to show you why so many rely on our innovative services for successful marketing and let’s reach new heights! Contact us today!   

We’ll see you in front of the camera!