Online video marketing converts!  Increasing conversions for lead generation, pipeline development, building awareness, SEO ranking and more is crucial. Working with a professional business video production company can provide your business with a strategic marketing edge.  And collaborating with a professional business video production company to take advantage of online video marketing in your lead generation and sales efforts, has never been easier and does not have to be expensive.

Online video marketing content converts buyers at all different points of the buying cycle. Moreover, it converts at a higher rate than other marketing tools.  Most business executives would rather watch a website promo video production than read text because it gives them information quickly.  Online video marketing’s ability to captivate potential clients and turn them into qualified leads is second to none.  And if you want to get started, you might consider speaking with a professional business video production company. This way you can create online video marketing content that delivers an engaging and personal message.

Reference Your Video Content – Online Video Marketing

One way companies can get the most out of their website promotional video production is for their sales teams to reference their online video marketing content at every stage of the buying cycle.  They can send their online video marketing content as a follow up to a telemarketing call. This works far better than a PDF file.  In addition, sending a video link to the prospect is a unique way of grasping the potential client’s attention. It also educates them on the benefits your company offers.  Simply put, having a professional business video production strategy creates action. Your online video marketing endeavors will move the prospect deeper into the sales cycle.  Research from Forrester, ComScore, eMarketer, and other top research state between 40 and 52% of the time prospects will move one step down the purchase funnel after watching online marketing video content.

Creating Videos to Get Started

Given these impressive stats, having a professional business video production strategy is a top way to engage and convert. Casual browsers transform into leads and paying customers for budget conscious companies.  Most businesses understand the power of online marketing with video content but are unsure where to get started. Here are 5 types of easy to create videos to help solve the question, “How do we get started?”

  1. Product education / demonstration – all companies sell either a product/service and have this information on their website and talk about their products and services everyday!  Now do it in front of the camera!  You are the expert, show your stuff.
  2. Post presentation objection handling – record answers to the top three objections your customers have and present them with confidence and conviction that will build trust and more sales.
  3. Customer testimonial video – your customers love you and most likely have relevant stories of your team, product, implementation and service.  Find a customer for each product/service you have and start filming!
  4. Key people behind your sales team – don’t your customers love your technical team and back office staff!!!  Give your sales team videos that show prospects your talented team. This way they can see who will be servicing them post-sale. Take the focus off the “sales person.”
  5. Thank you overview video – send a video after that important sales meeting to remind the prospect of your firm’s key value propositions and experience.

Conclusions – Online Video Marketing

Having a professional business video production strategy in place is important. Furthermore, creating online video marketing content will allow you to inform and build trust. Your customers will engage in a quicker, easier and more effective manner than any other marketing medium.  So, companies that start using online video marketing content will gain a quick competitive advantage and put themselves ahead of their competition.

And doing it sooner rather than later will provide your business useful everyday tools in the life of your sales and marketing processes.

Just like 10 years ago when your needed a website to be competitive, now every company needs  be investing in a professional business video production strategy.  Don’t wait until you have to catch up to your competition…contact a professional business video production company to gain a competitive advantage today and get your first series of marketing videos.