Many of business owners and marketers now realize the importance of website promotional videos.  And many more now realize how a sound online video production plan can increase metrics up and down the sales / marketing funnel.  Along with the importance of promotional videos for business on the web, there is a demand for mobile video optimization.  So regardless of the company size, industry or demographic of the audience, online video production is important for mobile users.

There is a reason why The CMO Mobile Marketing Guide reports that 85% of digital marketers plan to increase their marketing video production investment for mobile marketing efforts in 2018, up 10 percent over last year.  So if your not yet working with a digital video production company, consider these behaviors  –

  • Online video production is very important to the customer journey. 71% plan to use it for acquisition and 65% for awareness. (CMO Mobile Marketing Guide)
  • 42 percent plan to run video on mobile web. (CMO Mobile Marketing Guide)
  • Video traffic on mobile devices accounted for 60% of total mobile data traffic in 2016. And that percentage is only increasing. (Cisco)

3 out of 5With these astounding figures, it is difficult to ignore the importance of how promotional videos for business makes sense.  Marketers want to be where there customers are.  So marketers have to have a marketing video production plan for mobile to drive core business sales / marketing objectives. But how does a company optimize their online video production through mobile devices and what does this mean for businesses?

Making Website Promotional Video Optimized for Mobile

Even if you put your website together beautifully, it may not translate on mobile devices given the smaller screen.  Although there are less and less issues with web sites viewed on mobile devices, issues still remain.  A non-responsive site may have distorted, truncated, or simply poorly formatted text. It’s difficult to read on a screen that is not much bigger than the palm of someone’s hand.

Website promotional videos should be hosted on an online video platform.  These platforms will take care of all the codec and responsiveness of your videos.  When you use one of these platforms your online video production content will be organically optimized for the mobile experience.  Promotional video for business has enough challenges that this should not be one of them.  You can use YouTube as a free resource or pay for an online video platform like Wistia, Brightcove or Vidyard.

If you are serious about promotional video for business and have a budget for a digital video production company, then you may want to consider paying for a platform.  Each platform has the basic, intermediate and advanced features that can propel your online video production investment.  Some platforms integrate into CRM systems. They can produce variable data videos, have lead capture forms and advanced analytics that YouTube just does not production

If you are new to marketing video production, you may only care that your video is automatically sized to fit a wide array of devices. More and more users are utilizing their smartphones as the only vehicle by which they access the Internet. Therefore, it is incredibly important for businesses to ensure their website promotional video content looks good on mobile. This is crucial for effectively converting leads and driving sales.

Promotional Video for Business Increases Engagement to Drive Core Business

Although text descriptions of products and services are helpful in the consumer decision-making process, there is a limit as to how much information can be effectively shared through mobile.  As users are typically ‘on the move’, being greeted with a wall of text can deter consumers from clicking through to additional pages.  Pages that you have spent months to putting together, especially if that information is difficult to read on a mobile device.

Website promotional video solves this challenging issue by providing information in a way that is easy and engaging.  When you work with a digital video production company, they will plan to give you the right marketing video production content for mobile.   The end result, you drastically increase the chance that a consumer will convert when they spend more time on your site.  Online video production content allows for the relay of information in a quick and engaging way.  And, when done well, creates a more effective and lasting relationships.

It is clear that website promotional videos, optimized for mobile viewers, are pertinent to viewers.  And they will aid in the success in marketing a company’s products and services to drive awareness and convert customers.

As more and more consumers are replacing laptops and personal computers with a smartphones and tablets, it is even more pressing that companies integrate online video production content to ensure potential customers are able to get the information necessary to make a buying decision on these devices. Optimizing mobile content relies heavily on online video content marketing, and any company seeking to engage with customers on a more powerful level must embrace this wave of change.

If your looking for a digital video production company to support making website promotional videos with your online video production budget then give us a call.