When it comes to marketing videos, there are several key elements to implement. These aspects make marketing more effective and have the most impact on your audience. One part of marketing that is often left out or neglected in many videos is the importance of storytelling. When a potential customer or client watches a video with some sort of narrative or story, it needs to be crafted correctly to convey a point or message. Otherwise, the story can fall flat and the watcher may not understand the message you intend to communicate—or, they may not even finish the video at all. This is why we have made a list of tips from professionals that can help greatly improve marketing storytelling in these types of videos


The Importance of Marketing Storytelling: Story Arc

A story arc can essentially be summed up as the path, plot, or theme that a story follows as it proceeds, but there are critical elements of an arc. There typically needs to be a beginning to the story, a change, conflict, or type of progression for the middle, and a definitive end. These are the elements that really suck the watcher in, as they want to know what is going to happen or where the story is going to lead.

The primary character or subject of the video needs to go through the plot or theme and experience change. It does not have to be a full novel to portray an effective story, so long as a video is craftily written.

Emotion and Connection on Marketing Video

Emotion and connection to the character are the bread and butter of effective storytelling, whether it be in a book or in a marketing video. The idea is to hook the viewer and have them experience an emotion related to the content of the video, or connect with the message or main subject. These elements keep people watching and wanting to see how the story resolves. There are numerous ways to introduce these elements into a marketing video, including the subject matter, character attitude, character experience, music, and more.

Character Development

When people watch a story related video, they want to see how the character(s) affect or are affected by their surroundings, and how they change from these events. This is what is known as character development. It is the same as watching a movie about a troubled person who realizes they have flaws and becomes a better person, for example. Of course, this is not the only form of character development out there.
marketing storytelling character development
In many marketing scenarios, this could be related to how a product or service helped solve a problem, etc. In addition, it is important that the characters be relatable for the viewer to actually be able to connect with them.

Sound Design

Sound design can be a critical part of a good marketing storytelling video. As mentioned above, it can be used to convey emotion within the video, but it can also add a lot of depth and impact to what is being shown in the video. Funnily enough, a great deal of videos that are viewed on social media, where a marketing video may be shown, are watched without sound. But, this is no reason to neglect good sound design, as music and lifelike sounds may be what really hooks those who watch your marketing content.

Don’t Go Overboard on Length

It is critical to keep the audience’s attention span in mind and make a video of appropriate length. If the video is too short, it may not be able to properly convey the ideal message or contain everything that you need to communicate, but if it is too long, it can easily lead to people becoming disinterested or not finishing the video. According to a study done by Social Insider, the optimal length for Facebook videos was between 2-5 minutes, regardless of follower count. While the video may be shown on other places than Facebook, this is a pretty good metric to go by, given that Facebook has a massive user base. If the marketing video will definitely be shown on other platforms, then it may even be a good idea to have multiple versions created at differing lengths.

Marketing Storytelling: Know the Audience

One of the most effective strategies that a company can engage in is learning their audience. This is an effective way to make sure that any marketing strategies and video ads are being created and launched in the right way. Knowing the audience can be a broad subject, but it can include finding out what demographics, age groups, occupations, interests, etc. are actually engaging or doing business with the company.
This will provide knowledge on how to create videos for marketing that best appeals to a majority of the audience.

Hire Professionals

At the end of the day, it will often be better to hire a professional video production company to create a storytelling video for the company, as opposed to attempting it internally. This is because the right company will have experience and know the particular factors that should be involved and how to best frame it. In other words, they will be able to tell the story the right way so that it comes across the way it is desired. The last thing a company wants is to invest money into attempting to create a video themselves for it to fall flat when people watch it.

MultiVision Digital Can Help Tell Your Story in a Marketing Video

When it comes to marketing storytelling videos, we know what works. We have produced storytelling videos for numerous clients, including multinational companies and solo entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create a vivid and effective video to tell your company’s story or help you introduce your products/services. We strive to provide more value than the cost, no matter what the budget may be. Give us a call today at (646) 319-8609 or send us an email at [email protected] with any questions that you may have about our services.

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