Having legal video marketing assets (or video for accounting firms) on your website is about responding to what people are looking for.

Video marketing for law firms is often the first thing prospective clients look for when they discover your organization. If they do a search for lawyers (or accountants), people are often looking for video content to get informed.  Even if they get a referral to your firm, and go directly to your website, they are looking for video as well.  And having a legal video production asset on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more according to WordStream, an online video advertising company. Chances are visitors are going to view your video before anything else available online.

Why Use Video Marketing for Law Firms?

Simply put, you want to have video. It’s one of the most effective online ways to convert leads and build trust to drive revenue.  After all, according to Wistia, people spend an average of 2.6x the amount of time on webpages with video marketing content on it than pages that don’t. And the more time they spend on your website the more they will understand your firm and get to know your partners.

However, it can’t just be any legal video production.  It needs to be done right in order to achieve the results you are aiming for.  According to MWP, 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video. It saves them time and gives them more information than reading as it provides visuals that text / images just don’t provide.

For these reasons, legal video marketing (and video for accounting firms) have been getting more and more budget priority from marketers to hire a professional video production services company.

How do you want your firm to appear to prospects?

Just like you do in person, via your website, your brochures and offices, using a professional video production services company follows suit. Would you rather have a legal video marketing asset that is polished or one that is rough around the edges and not quality? Having a low quality or un-engaging video can deter potential customers even if your services are top notch.

Think about it, what kind of impression would you get from a firm that has regional or global influence that had a lesser than professional video? Would you call them or would you continue to search for another company that presented themselves professionally?

Therefore, if you are in the early stages of legal video marketing (or video for accounting firms), then it’s important to hire a professional video production services company to create quality video content.

An Exploration of DIY Legal Video Production

There are many smartphone cameras and affordable prosumer video equipment on the market today. Thus, it may be tempting to start legal video production for your firm on your own rather than hiring a professional video production services company. While producing your own video content can certainly be done, there’s much more that goes into it. Just because you have a camera, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to produce stellar content. And there are plenty of places you can go to learn the ins and outs of shooting and editing. But just like any professional service, it is the experience of producing, directing and getting the message of your video down solid that is the secret sauce.

It takes time to gain the experience and you might not produce video that professionally reflects your organization.  It’s important to know your capabilities and limitations when it comes to video marketing for law firms (and video for accounting firms).  Once you gain more expertise, then you can always start to balance your internal DIY content with a professional video production services company.

If you’re still on the fence about the DIY versus using a professional video production services company, we pose a different question: Would you ever build a website by yourself?  Or do your taxes by yourself?

Woman holding DSLR - DIY Video Production

Exceptions to Using a Professional Video Production Services Company

Most of this article focuses on why you should hire a professional video production services company to produce video marketing for law firms (and video for accounting firms). However, sometimes cost is an issue, especially if you’re looking to do legal video production many times per year.

There is not just one cost bracket to produce video marketing for law firms. However, the general trend is that it’s not super cheap. Now, this doesn’t mean to forego hiring a professional video production services company altogether, but instead find a balance.  This means learning the basics of doing video on your own so you’re capable of managing without an external company. This skill helps when the budget isn’t there to outsource.

Select few people in your firm to handle the essentials of producing video content.  Doing so will give you the resources to develop a healthy ratio. Between DIY and a professional video production services company, you’ll find a sweet spot.

Some videos that you can consider taking a DIY approach include:

  • Videos for Social Media
  • Market Commentary
  • Timely Reactions to New Industry Developments
  • Trade Show Videos
  • Company Events/Celebrations

There is no exact answer for what the sweet spot is for this ratio. You’ll have to find what works best for your firm, your budget, desired quality, and frequency.  Once you do find a pattern that works, you’ll be able to balance. Leaving the bigger video projects to professional video production services company.

Here are some examples of law firm video marketing services (and video for accounting) firms.

If you need some help or have some questions, pick up the phone and give us a call.  We’ll be seeing you in front of the camera.