Last week, the MultiVision team headed out to shoot the latest batch of videos for a firm we’ve worked with for years. In only a half-day, we were able to shoot five separate videos for this client. This level of efficiency and cooperation is the result of long-term hard work on both ends of the deal.

Latest Shoot

Because our team is familiar with the space, we were able to set up in a short period of time without compromising the effectiveness of the equipment to be used. And because our subject had worked with us before, we didn’t need to prep him on how to perform in front of the camera, the strategy, and the flow. Not to mention, with the assistance of a teleprompter that everyone on the team is quite fond of, every take worked. 

It also helped that four out of the five videos had the same setup, so we had a smoother transition and saved the client’s time.

The shoot for LS
The setup for the second, third, and fourth videos

This method of batch-producing is a great way to save money by maximizing the amount of content you can get out of just one day shoot. It works great for scheduled series, or for a group of thematically consistent videos. Often, we will prepare one set-up, and a client will bring in different subjects over the course of the day to each shoot their own video. 

After the shoot, we can edit the videos to be released all at once, or space them out, and use the footage from only a few days of shooting to create content for months. 

If you’re looking to create quality video content for your business or you have questions to clarify for your business objectives, head to our form and get a quote, or give us a call at 646.319.8609.

See yo in front of the camera!